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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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IoT enabled platform Litmus Automation is all set to control all your business devices

IoT-enabled-platform-Litmus-Automation-is-all-set-to-control-all-your-business-devicesLitmus Automation is a platform that provides the Internet of Things (IoT) technology medium.

It provides a middleware cloud platform for IoT, Loop, which is its core product through which a company can connect any hardware, machine, device, or sensor with the Internet. The operating data then can be collected in real-time to the third-party enterprise system or software tool including ERP, CRM, and big data analytics.

Company Functions

Loop facilitates a single centralized backend management regarding the IoT projects. This way the firm caters low infrastructure costs and marketing efforts for solution deployment. With the solutions provided by Litmus Automation, every stage of the lifecycle of a device execute seamless and simplified. It is thus, making faster and greater ROI from all the connected devices. The device management suite of the application helps in monitoring and deploying IoT systems.

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Moreover, Litmus Automation offers LoopEdge. As per the name suggests, applications deployed on the marketplace edge through it. It behaves as the industrial marketplace, where various vendors allow gateways for the interaction of exclusive protocols.

Background Information

The firm is located in San Jose, CA. The company also has an office in Toronto. Vatsal Shah is the CEO/Co-founder of the company.

He shares that based on the early client adoption at the time of under development, they have realized the pain points in the field of industrial spaces and connected cars. He adds that now they serve as a production-ready platform from concept to full production with quick, easy, and secure features. It made a position of the company with Fortune 500 companies, amongst which Nissan and Renault come. Meanwhile, it has become the leader in the field of connected car and industrial spaces.

Litmus Automation has built a partnership with companies like Intel, HMS, Salesforce, Kyra Solutions, Momenta Partners, and others.

Latest News

The company has secured the US $1.5m in the seed funding round. The investors who participated were private angles from the Canada and US.

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One of the top accelerator, Alchemist Accelerator, is graduated Litmus last year. Also, it has participated in two Canadian accelerators named MaRS and Ryerson Futures/DMZ.

Plans Ahead

The funds will be used in the development and growth of the team. Already, they have hired an industry veteran, David Sidhu, VP Customer Success. He holds a significant experience in IoT sector. The platform will be developed as per the needs of the industry and client feedback associated with the firm.

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