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Monday , June 24 2024

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Predictive Analysis of Realbox can Solve Your Growth Hindrances

Predictive-Analysis-of-Realbox-can-Solve -Your-Growth-HindrancesRealbox provides solutions to the businesses with data analytical platform. Business intelligence, social media targeting consumers, and online and offline marketing campaign are the areas the company serves with.

Saurabh Moody, Arjun Sudhanshu, and Preksha Kaparwan have founded the company in April 2015. It is a data analytics company similar to Google Analytics that serve offline businesses. Pulse named product by Realbox defines and executes the powerful measurement of a business growth.

Realbox analyzes the processes of businesses in real-time using the predictive analysis. It helps in lowering costs and decreasing risks in business. Not only it supports performance measurement, it also improves customer service. Moreover, the platform indicates when the performance goes down and helps in creation and management of customer profiles. Specifically, restaurants use customers profiling feature. The specialized CRM of the platform delivers better and targeted marketing for the customers.

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Co-founder and CEO of Realbox, Saurabh shares that with their business solution, they are trying to furnish “Smart Store” for 5000 areas such as retail, movie theaters, and hospitality businesses. The team is planning to accomplish the goal by June 2017. Furthermore, the ultimate mission of the firm is to transform offline businesses into intelligent platforms.


Currently, Pulse from the company is applicable in restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, and retail businesses. Besides, the client list of Pulse includes PVR Director’s Cut, JOOST, a juice chain of Australia, and others.

Preksha, co-founder and CMO at Realbox shares about Pulse that it is a useful and smart tool for businesses. It works fine with any existing POS so that businesses need not switch their running technology platform. In this way, Pulse made the data analytics simple by connecting with any business management software. Companies can make better decisions with Pulse’s real-time actionable insights.

Latest News

Hyderabad Angels made the lead investor in Realbox with the raised $300K in A funding pre-series round. Hyderabad Angels are one of the fastest moving India’s angel networks that also provide effective mentorship and guidance to the businesses.

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Besides, the list if other investors include Alok Mittal, Shubranshu Pani, and Dharamveer Singh Chouhan.

Realbox has made a place among the 20 finalists in the second batch of the Business World’s accelerator programme in November 2015.

Planning and fund use

The company consists a ‘smart store’ idea, whose development and growth will use the funds obtained after funding rounds.

Some of the similar players are IntelligenceNODE, Axtria, Indus Insights, and others.

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