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Friday , May 24 2024

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Connect and grow socially with Buzzoole Influence

Connect-and-grow-socially-with-Buzzoole-InfluenceSocial visibility not only provides effective communication, but it connects and pushes the boundaries of businesses with emerging marketing solutions. Such a tool is Buzzoole. Buzzoole performs as a platform for influencer marketing. It facilitates transparent, automated, and ROI- a driven method that the brands leverage to integrate key influencers into their social and digital communications.

The first influencer engine optimizer platform, Buzzoole allows the users in optimizing their online presence across the social network. Moreover, users can become experts in a specific area, which can leverage their favorite brands as the influencers.

Company Background

The firm was founded in September 2013 by Gennaro Varriale, Luca Pignataro, Luca Camillo, and Fabrizio Perrone. Headquartered in Campania, Italy, Buzzoole is a social connectivity platform for users and brands.

The technology of the platform examines the online communication associated with the registered users across all their social media platforms. The category of conversation is based on the interesting topics of users. Its own algorithm identifies the effective information area and allows brands to reach out the influencers.

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It automatically identifies and targets the influencers based on their level, geographical area, topic, and keywords. The adequate stoppage for brands that need to acquire influencers. Buzzoole turns them into brand ambassadors, which makes influencing marketing work for business updates. It uses Cost Per Post business model efficient for all sizes businesses from startups to big brands. The transparent approach allows the brand to find who is working on which campaign and how much they are spending on the campaigns.

Market Recognition

Till now the company has worked with many clients, which includes Toyota, Tim, Vernel, Ferrero, Redbull, Ford, Nissan, Danone, Costa, and Alpha Romeo.

As an influencer marketing platform, Buzzzoole is effective in the categories of business such as social media, advertising, digital marketing, and social media advertising.

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It also has been recognized with valuable positions like ‘Best European ICT Startup 2014’, ‘Part of Global Entrepreneur Programme’ by UK Trade and Investment, ‘Most Innovative Big Data, Real-Time, and Predictive Analysis Project’ by SAP.

Fund Information

Recently, the company has received an investment of amount $830k in a convertible note. With that update, the total equity funding reached to $2.06 million after 3 rounds along with 10 investors.

The world is going social where the associated tools have a strong and major impact on the social media-marketing niche. Buzzoole connects the brands with influencers and vice versa so to make an effective impact on the world socially in business.

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