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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Publications! Kalaage is the way to writers…

Publications!-Kalaage-is-the-way-to-writers…Constructed for the literary people and publications, Kalaage is dedicatedly connecting these writers and publications. It’s a social networking platform where writers can submit or share their compositions like stories and poems on the platform, which other people can view and comment on. This way, communities of writers and publications can connect and interact. Also, writers can perform direct publishing by sending their work to the newspapers and magazines from the interface.

How did it start?

Raghav Sharma, Himanshu Agarwal, and Ravi Piplani founded Kalaage in 2014. The founders realized that publications face difficulty when searching for a relevant source for their user-dependent segments in newspapers and magazines. Such process costs them more money and a lot of consumed time. Lastly, writers who share their content on the internet does not receive much praise and value, and recognition. Then Kalaage is presented on the floor solving all these problems with a review system. Publishing firms review the uploaded articles to grab the best one for their targeted readers.

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Raghav says that content upload is running in this era. Social media being the major focus of sharing that content, million people are performing this. However, the area is not growing this way. So, they decided to set up a content platform on which a writer folk can upload its work and also can send it to the magazines and newspaper. Concisely, Kalaage is increasing the reach and connections of the writer communities to the publications.

Business point of view

The acceleration of Kalaage started at Aarambh Ventures. The mentorship-driven programme supports all the startups with early traction stage before the fundraising.

Talking about Kalaage’s user base, it has 3000 writers and 1000 readers at the platform. Up till there have been 1500 articles uploaded. The company claims that through the platform, 120 writers have been facilitated in 20 national and international publications.

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Rajasthan Angel Innovators Network has made funding for the firm. The amount is undisclosed, though. Co-founder of RAIN, Mahavir Sharma shares that Kalaage follows the path-breaking ideas, which gives his company an immense pleasure to invest in it. They like such enterprises, which shows unique thoughts. He believes in the huge potential of the firm that allows and offers a unique platform connecting writers and publications.

Similar sites are Notion Press, which is a self-publishing startup in Chennai and ebook publisher, Matrubharti.

Plans ahead

The company will use the received funding to raise their technology standard. They will be enhancing the collaborations with writers and publications. Moreover, it is targeting to enter the North American market and South Asian will be its key target for expansion of marketing and operations of the company.

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