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Friday , May 24 2024

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Pycom Secured Funds for New LoPy IoT Development Board in Two Weeks

Pycom-Secured-Funds-for-New-LoPy-IoT-Development-Board-in-Two-WeeksPycom being a start-up IoT module manufacturing company has launched a Texas Instruments at CES2016, which has gone beyond the expectations for investment in its LoPy IoT development board.

While discussing regarding the success, Fred De Haro, CEO of Pycom said, “We have been totally overwhelmed by the support for our LoPy campaign. The project funding got completed within just 5 days, was selected as a Kickstarter ‘Project We Love’ and now has over 1,000 mixed enterprise and developer backers coming from 56 different countries who have pledged 176% of our initial funding goal – and the campaign still has 13 days left to run!”.

In addition, the company has come half its way for the second product development. It was mentioned that LoPy, as their by-product is one world’s first and till date, the only triple network IoT developing a board that features LoRa WAN, WiFi, and Bluetooth. The option to raise funds for LoPy initiated with Euro29 and provide the company with one LoPy board.

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He added, “Giving companies and developers multi-network connectivity does not need to come at a price premium if the product is intelligently designed and manufactured from the onset. Suppliers of IoT solutions must start thinking differently. Whilst much of the industry’s institutional investment has been focused on middleware platforms (all 550 of them), it’s vital we start addressing the major flaws in today’s hardware platforms, that’s what Pycom is doing.”

Currently, the Pycom team was working along with a huge number of LoRa network providers to make sure there is a wide access when the product is shipped. In addition to this, Pycom team was in talks with a significant middleware platform providers regarding giving the access to developers for using their data management platform.

In the end, de Haro concludes that “It is not only the secure funding that contends us but the positive feedback and title of a company which understands the complexities experienced by the makers – which is a great endorsement. Ultimately, the company tunes in with all aspects of IoT in order to provide one easy to use portal- the Pycom Exchange. Resource Exchange, IoT App Store, connectivity management platform, Channel Gateway, data, and much more, the scale of this portal is ambitious at best and unlike anything that is out there for developers and enterprises today.”

More about Pycom

The owner of Pycom describes the terminology and reason behind “Py” that is taken from word Python. Python is again derived from the word, MicroPython that is a scripting language that powers all of the devices. The reason for choosing MicroPython as a language is quite clear. They wanted to offer all the developers with a modern, enterprise-grade, and easy-to-use program that is fast. Another segment of the term “Pycom” as “Com” signifies, communication. It related to the connected devices that help in communicating through a network.

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Long-Term Goals of Pycom

In discussion towards the current scenario, it was found that IoT was split into two camps. At one point, there are developers that rehearse with the new ideas and at the other point, enterprise camp, which have enough funds but lack of technical assistance. Therefore, the point helps in concluding that there is a lack of IoT development around the companies. The scenarios describe that companies require focusing on their core product or services that can be anything. Therefore, it is observed that companies often try to make efficient use of data and further process it for bringing the right change. However, they end up with the resources and cannot go ahead dealing with these units. In additions, it is also found that the resources of the company involved in service delivery suppress benefits of products and desirable gains.

The Bottom Line

At Pycom, the team plans to fill up the gap between the above two camps. For developers, they aim to provide IoT-based tools for building innovative products, whereas they want to facilitate the SMEs with the skills, outlook, and creativity that represent developers for taking the right benefit of IoT.

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