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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Zoho Assist A perfect tool for CRM and Access Control

ZOHO Assists is one of the top-performing applications from the ZOHO suits. The tool offers exceptional security and can help businesses to improve their overall customer service. The application is a well-balanced tool that helps to provide comprehensive support to the team and their customers.

ZOHO assist has a number of features that helps industry professionals to resolve customer issues quickly and manage a group of systems remotely. The tool makes it easy, from sharing files to rebooting and reconnecting without terminating a session. The best part is, you do not even need a broadband internet connection to work with its full potential.

Here are some of the features, pros and cons of the system.


  1. Customized Reporting: The tool offers customized reporting tools to get a better insight into all the customers of the business. The managers can view the recordings of the sessions, chat scripts, and notes to get a better understanding of each customer interaction and find ways to make improvements. Also, details such as the length of each session help you better optimize your teams.
  2. High Security: All the communication that takes place between the technicians and the professionals is encrypted. In order to further protect the sensitive data, all the information that is personally identifiable such as IP and email address can be hidden at any point in time. The tool also offers features such as two-factor authentication and inactive session timeout helps to ensure that most of the potential points of access remain secure.
  3. Mobile Functionality: ZOHO assist can be accessed and used with all its features on Android as well as iOS devices. It allows the technicians to deliver support to the Android as well as the iOS devices. It also includes features such as chat, file transfer, and the ability to record and to invite any additional technicians.

Pricing Plans

ZOHO Assist offers two core products. The first one is for remote support, and the other is for unattended access. The pricing plans for each of the core category is based on the set of features that are available. These may vary significantly. ZOHO Assist offers a 15-day free trial. Some of the hybrid remote employees can use the free plan to get access to their office and home computers from any place.

Free Plan: This plan includes ZOHO Desk and SalesIQ integration, access for one remote support technician, and five unattended computers are also give. It also offers instant chat user management. Clipboard sharing and management of the organizational roles.

Remote Support Standard: The plan comes with $10 per month per user, which is billed annually. The features included are file transfer, multi-monitor navigation, reconnect and reboot, screen capture, session transfer, Zendesk integration and the ability to connect two simultaneous sessions.

Remote Support Professional: This charges $15 per month per user billed annually. Features of this plan include multi-monitor navigation, mobile access, feature to schedule sessions, screen sharing, customized email templates, advanced reports, and the feature to hold four simultaneous sessions.

Remote Support Enterprise: The plan is charged at $24 per month per user billed annually. The features include support for multiple departments, session recording, session audits, service queue, voice and video chat, remote printing, contact management, six simultaneous sessions and custom domain mapping.

Unattended Access Standard: The plan is available for $10 per user per month. The plan gives access to an unlimited number of users to access up to 25 unattended computer systems. Some of the features of this plan include group permissions, computer grouping, bulk deployment, file transfer, remote power options, multi-monitor navigation, email templates, and screen capture.

Unattended Access Professional: The plan is charged $15 per month per user. It allows access to 25 unattended computers for an unlimited number of technicians. Some of its features include annotation, session recording, remote print, diagnostic tools, and video chat. The users also get to use the domain mapping and u8se the application on mobile and IoT devices. They are also able to generate advanced reports.

Pros and Cons

ZOHO Assist is an ideal choice for companies that are looking for remote support and unattended access from a single interface. The application works in perfect sync with other business tools such as Jira, Zendesk, and Google. There are certain pros and cons associated with the tool, as mentioned below:


  • The tool allows its users to easily toggle between remote support and unattended access from the same user interface.
  • Even the free plan is handy, allowing its users to access five unattended systems.
  • For big companies, white-label options are available.


  • Mobile access is missing for the standard remote support plan.
  • Both of the unattended access subscription plans are limited to 25 computers per account.
  • Customer downloads are required for some of the remote support features.

 Understanding the Unattended Access and Remote Support?

Software applications that provide unattended access give business owners and professionals the ability to take control over another computer or a mobile device from a remote location. All that is needed is a strong internet connection. This concept was developed to allow technical experts to troubleshoot computers from different locations.

But, this technology has gained rapid demand as more and more people are working remotely and want to access their office systems from their homes. The tool is best suited for small businesses that work with support technicians who require both remote support and unattended access feature at a single location.

The tool is also suited for the technical customer support teams that want to use features such as chat, text, and video calling to serve their clients in the best possible way. It is also useful for the teams that are relatively new to the remote access software and want a free training webinar with an instructor.

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