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Monday , April 15 2024

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Best HR tools product review- Calamari

HR-Tools-Product- review-calamariYou can see Top 10 HR Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 HR Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details.

Calamari is one of the best hr tool for small or a medium business can use. Rich with powerful features and a neat design, the application can be your perfect leave management, partner. The tool can incorporate multiple policies as per the location.

Editions and Pricing

The application offers a 14-day free trial. The application charges differently for its Leave Management and Clockin modules. The pricing details are:

Calamari Leave

1-10 Employees 11-20 Employees 21-35 Employees 36-50 Employees 51-75 Employees 76-100 Employees 101+ Employees
$10 per month $25 per month $40 per month $ 60 per month $95 per month $130 per month Contact the Team

Calamari Clockin

1-10 Employees 11-20 Employees 21-35 Employees 36-50 Employees 51-75 Employees 76-100 Employees 101+ Employees
$20 per month $ 40 per month $60 per month $ 80 per month $115 per month $150 per month Contact the Team

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The product works for two modules- Leave and Clockin. The Leave module helps you manage leaves of the employees with features to process absence requests, maintain its calendar, leave approval, entitlement, reports, etc.
The Clockin module, on the other hand, helps you manage the clock in and out time offs for the team members.

The Leave Dashboard
The leave dashboard provides access to all the features including leave application, requests, approval, entitlement, calendar, reports, and configuration. Also, the panel gives direct access to your absence requests, employee absence calendar, and option for approval.

Applying for Leave
Leave applications can be filed from the apply option under consent module. You can fill in details for Starting and Ending dates, absence type, substitute, and comment. The calendar format gives you an overview of the dates that are already assigned to day offs and the ones that are busy.

Leave Requests
This feature lets you manage and process the leave requests. The features displays leave requests with details such as absence types, dates (from and to), from entitlement, and status.


Leave Approvals
This section displays all the pending approvals you have to process. The application sends an email whenever someone makes a leave request. The application can handle two kinds of permissions- approve of absence request or for cancellation of absence.

Calamari helps you with making decisions on approval process regarding the absence requests.

Leave Entitlement
This place lets you have a count about the leaves people are currently allowed to take. You can also manage Annual leaves, Remote work offs and Sick Leaves.


Leave Reports
The reporting section displays reports and insights for entitlement, requests, and payroll.



This feature from the clocking module lets you start a day off. You can click on the button in the center of the screen to start and stop the day off.


Clockin Timesheet
The timesheet displays the timeline for seven days with the tasks associated with it.


This feature lets the HR team know which all resources are available for a work assignment. The feature displays a list of all the employees with their status.

Also, the feature also lets you search for a particular employee if the list too long.

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Mobile Accessibility

Calamari is readily available on mobile applications and platforms such as Android and iOS.


  • Google Calendar
  • G Suite
  • Slack
  • Jira
  • Toggle
  • API
  • Office 365
  • Asana
  • Tempo Planner
  • Basecamp


  • Online Messaging
  • Product Tour
  •  Roadmap
  • Support Page

Pros and Cons of Calamari


  • Comprehensive tool to manage leaves and time offs.
  • All the staffing information at one place to schedule projects and meetings.


  • An option that could help to set the weekly work hours is something missing.


  • The tools are feature rich and clean in design.
  • The roadmap is also transparent in design.

For more details, please visit Calamari website.

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