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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Online HR management tool Product Review- Part-up

HR Tools Product Review- part-upPart-up is one of the best online HR management tool for teamwork that helps to engage in a pleasant task. It is a marketplace for talent and ideas. One can contribute to other work or can create the part-ups. You can join others part-ups as a partner, as a supporter or as a tribe member. The user is called upper.

To search for desired part-ups, you can filter your results for faster outcomes. Select from areas, popular or newest of the part-ups. Use your best talent to serve a purpose and involve in the community. Get your work done with the best talent team. The user can create activities, can make comments on any post, even sharing of the post is also there along with the invitation for the part-up.

Editions and Pricing

Upper Free For Individual work No private part-ups
Premium upper € 4 per month For Individual management Private part-ups present
Social Impact Free For communities Tribe-1
Starters kit € 7500 per year For organizations Tribe- Up to 5
Enterprise € 25000 per year For enterprises Tribe- Up to 25 (+ swarm pages)

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Part-up_Part-up_buildingPart-up Building
Create your part-up for which you want to build a team and work for it. This process takes a small three phase module. Input essentials regarding the idea and requirement and get set go on a new mission to fulfill. Any time after the part-up post, you can change any field. You can share your part-up with the network or social media.



Part-up_Profile_ManagementProfile Management
The app uses the unique idea to let the user enter, where it ask ten questions to test the strength of the user. The test shows insights of personal power from which you can come to know yourself better. You can set a photo or a video to your profile. You can even provide your social presence in the profile if you want to. There is a score on the profile picture based on your contribution.


Chat functionality allows you to communicate with any existing upper. You can search for as per choice, desire, and get set ready to interact with the network on any topic or issue. Here are two ways for a chat, you can talk personally as well as in tribes.



Mobile Accessibility

The app provides mobile accessibility. It has a mobile app version of part-up.


Part-up offers integration with Dropbox and Google Drive.


The support system of the app includes FAQs, email, and phone call.

Pros and Cons of Part-up


  • The app pages have fast navigations.
  • Strength test for identifying high areas.
  • Dutch language availability.
  • Various email options.


  • Lack of a categorized view.

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Anyone can build part-ups, and everyone can use them. Part-up is an open source community for coders, designers, or creatives. With part-up create your profile and show your talent to the world.

For more details, please visit Part-up website.

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