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Monday , June 24 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- SprintGround

Project-Management-tools-Product Review-sprintgroundSprintGround, a project management tool, is used for managing various tasks. It helps in planning release, used for colluding Software development teams and other participants. This product proved as a unified platform that helps you to organize your various projects. It also helps in coordinating work, time tracking, monitoring progress and also keep all the team members up to date with notifications.

It’s services like Planning, Taskboard; Burndown Charts make easy to analyze task management efficiency. This tool provides trait, services, and effectiveness to developers.


Editions and Pricing

The tool provides 30 days free trial with all plans.

Plan No. of users No. of projects Storage Space Cost
Free 3 users 2 projects 50 MB Free
Starter 8 users Unlimited projects 1 GB €45/mo
Business 20 users Unlimited projects 2 GB €180/mo
Enrterprise 21+users Unlimited projects 5 GB €8.50/mo

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Sprintground_organise your work Organize Your Work
SprintGround helps users in storing their ideas, managing, prioritizing and categorizing their task. It also helps users in ordering, filtering and searching their tasks




Sprintground_collaborate_ with_teamCollaborate With Your Team
It helps users to interact with other team members, no matter they are miles apart. Team members can quickly discuss with one another, charge work to other through a streamline communication. It also prevents the trouble of filling your mailbox with disordered pieces of information leaving you messy.



Sprintground_tracking progress Tracking Progress
This feature helps users to know the amount of work they have done, remaining work to be done as per the schedule, etc. Thus keeping track of each and every step of work done.




Sprintground_plan releasePlan Releases Accurately
SprintGround create the estimation automatically keeping everyone’s working schedule in the account, thus helping in the release of the plan as per the schedule.




Sprintground_ progressInvite Product Owners To Follow The Progress
SprintGround also provides a feature to allow product owners to view your schedule and thus helping them to contribute to the project by providing ideas and feedbacks.




Additional Features

  • It also provides users to see a broad summary of the changes and additions while they were away.
  • Notification: It instantly notifies the user via email about the changes.
  • Scrum utilities like task board, planning board serves the team.
  • Track Changes: It provides users with a feature to track changes done by particular users for any release or an entire project.


The tool provides support via Email, Live Chat and FAQ section. Through Live Chat it becomes easy for user to connect with the support team anytime.

Pros and Cons of SprintGround


  • Great tool for software development
  • Product encourages customer-driven product development
  • Supports many scrum functions such as burndown charts.
  • Drag & Drop file sharing is available and is implemented in the most easy and effective way.


SprintGround is centrally different from other tools due to its unique features including its relevancy, efficiency, organized and innovative techniques. In this tool, a pixel of every screen is designed from a scrape, with the primary focus on reducing the time and attempt needed for the user to perform any activity.

For more details, please visit SprintGround website.

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