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Monday , May 27 2024

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HR Tools Product Review- Pipeline

HR-Tools-Product- review-pipelinePipeline is an online hr platform that matches tech sales talent with sales positions in top technical companies. It was developed by Pipeline Labs in Newtown, United States. Pipeline allows companies to look for experienced tech sales professionals according to tenure and industry so that they can quickly find the most qualified prospects and contact them. It uses a dashboard driven system where candidates can search for and apply for open positions through targeted search criteria. The fast-growing tech industry has increased the demand for qualified sales talent. Technology companies at the contemporary look for a limited pool of technology sales professionals because hiring from a wider pool of candidates would be a time-consuming process.

Also, they need professionals with specialized knowledge, technical and communication skills to fit into the fast-changing trends of the industry and the market. Tech companies need to sort through many certain needs to find the most appropriate sales professionals. Whether it is a startup or an established business, organizations put lots of company resources in vetting out the unqualified candidates. Pipeline provides a solution to streamline the process of matching and hiring so that businesses can connect with candidates based on the more accurate information.

Editions and Pricing

Companies can buy the prepaid plan for six months at $900, or they could choose to purchase the monthly plan for $299 per month.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Pipeline_SearchLook for the Perfect Match
Companies can find qualified candidates and contact them directly. They get to showcase their open positions so that the candidates can apply for them. While, candidates can look for best sales jobs from the companies that are hiring whether they are established enterprises or start-ups. Candidates can explore the company profiles to learn about the company culture and benefits.


Candidates can view the list of all the job positions they have applied for in the queries section. Also, the companies can look for the list of candidates who have applied for their business.



The firm can bookmark the candidates whom they find capable and view them in the bookmarks section. Candidates will be able to see all the companies that have bookmarked them in the bookmarks section of their account.



Pipeline_CandidateInfoCandidate Info
Candidates will be able to fill relevant information related to them like basic information, work information and information about their education.


Pros and Cons of Pipeline


  • Makes the recruitment process easier and time-saving for companies.
  • Provides targeted search for candidates which allows them to look for companies by location and salary.
  • Allows candidates to find the perfect sales job positions and apply for them.


  • Companies can only compare the candidates based on the information given on their profiles; the software does not provide any other criteria designed to test the candidates’ skills.

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Pipeline allows tech companies to showcase their open positions for candidates to apply. They can also use the targeted search to look for prospects based on tenure and experience.

For more details, please visit Pipeline website.

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