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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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HR Tools Product Review- WebHR

HR-Tools-Product-review- WebHRWebHR is one of the top 3 HR management tools that we’d recommend for SMEs.You can see Top 10 HRM Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 HRM Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details. WebHR is cloud-based HR application for small and medium businesses. It eases out your work by providing you a fast and efficient platform for your HR management tasks.

It can simplify all the work that is dealt with in your HR department right from employee recruitment, training, performance, keeping track of employee data, payroll etc. It can automate the other daily tasks as well.

WebHR is used by more than 11 thousand companies from 180 different countries. It combines HR management with information technology. It is mainly recommended for its cost effectiveness the ability to manage the tasks quickly and smoothly.

Editions and Pricing

WebHR offers 4 different packages, one is the freemium version, which can manage 10 employees. The basic version is available for 20 employees at $24.99/month. There is a professional package for 50 employees, which will cost you $49.99/month. The last one is the business package for 200 employees at $149.99/month.

There is a 20 % discount offered on yearly plans. Also, it offers SSL Security to all of its paid clients.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of  Features

The DashboardHR_WebHR_WebHRDashboard
It has a simple and interactive user interface. Here the management team can post and share updates with one another. You can receive the general notifications in the form of alerts, a leave summary, calendar, visual statistics about the employee demography etc. It simplifies your daily activities, as it gathers up all the important information that you would need on your dashboard. 



WebHR does a good job at an orderly organization of your data. You can store all the company’s data, such as data related to different departments, companies, projects, policies, announcements system settings etc. at a single place in an organized manner so that you don’t have to fuss over different files and folders to gather the information.


HR_WebHR_EmployeeEmployee Management
The employee tab offers an easy analysis and management of all data. It consists of all the different fields of information that you need to keep track of about the employees like their joining dates, work assigned to them, achievements and many more, all can be stored and managed in a single place.


Time management is the key factor for the Human Resource Department to manage different tasks in an orderly manner. WebHR offers a Timesheet tab for that. Under this tab, you can manage all the time-related tasks such as scheduling work, keeping track of attendance and leave, holidays etc. 


Payroll management is another factor which is responsible for maintaining the efficiency of the HR department. WebHR has an efficient solution for this.The payroll tab is capable of managing all payroll related functionalities like salary, payroll structure, hourly wages, bonus, insurance etc.


WebHR makes the task of developing reports much easier for you. It automatically sorts out all the data that you’ll need for a particular report so that your reports can be generated in a few seconds. You can create different reports and charts of some predefined formats, you can even create a report of a customized format and store it there.

The employee data can be represented through different visual representations like graphs or pie charts. Also, you can discuss issues with the team. There is an option of conference room through which you can communicate with the administration. Also, it offers a functionality to integrate with any software program so you can integrate it with your online job portal or any other applications.

Pros and Cons of WebHR


  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use, convenient user interface
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Maintains backup of data at multiple locations
  • Offers some powerful features for report generation and employee management


  • Data security might be at risk as there is no provision for encryption of data
  • The free version does not offer many of the useful functionalities and you can only use it for 10 employees.
  • There are many other restrictions on the free version.


WebHR is a cost effective tool that offers a complete recruitment solution, effortless management of payroll, attendance management and offers simplicity and ease of use. You can generate comprehensive reports and graphs and evaluate performance effectively. Its extensive employee profiling and alerts generation are some of the many factors that make it such a feature rich tool.

You can refer the detailed HRM tools product review for Zenefits for a quick comparison.

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