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Thursday , July 18 2024

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HR Tools Product Review- Zenefits

HR-Tools-Product-review- ZenefitsYou can see Top 10 HRM Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 HRM Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details.

Human resource is the backbone of any enterprise. Thus, efficient handling of human resources becomes all the more urgent. As the company’s turnover is a factor directly proportional to its workforce, special attention is required to ensure that the employees of the company be satisfied with the responses they receive in turn for their services.

While the market in flooding with management systems claiming to provide services at par with their counterparts, it becomes difficult to assess which type of system is best for suiting your needs. And a thorough analysis is what is required to elude from the trap of fraudulent systems. Standing out amongst the likenesses of it, Zenefits appears out to be the best Human Resources Management Tools currently available. Keeping small business and enterprises in mind, Zenefits evaluates out to be the best suited for managing the most valuable asset of a company: its workforce. Zenefits turned out to be the appropriate choice when inspected from Ambi grammatic aspects.

Before walking through the various astounding features of Zenefits, let’s obtain an insight into its origin and why Zenefits has truly earned its name.

Zenefits presently rules the Silicon Valley, with its origin based in the United States of America. With only two years of existence of the global scenario, it has established its reputation as the optimum choice for HR management system with a whopping value of US $20.0 million as Wikipedia so expresses. It is needless to say that Parker Conrad, who gave birth to the idea of Zenefits took it entirely to a higher level in just a span of a year starting from California to span 48 additional states. Zenefits is standing resolutely on its reputation by providing its services free of cost and making profits obtained by the commission from insurers. For its clientele, all the services provided are cloud based and also comes up with health insurance coverage for the same.

Editions and Pricing

Absolutely none! Though it might appear as a scam that such a reputed tool is revealing itself the completely open source, but on the contrary, people responsible for Zenefits follow an entirely different approach to earning. Zenefits lays a claim that they profit from the revenues of the benefits providers, for instance, insurance carriers. It is on the house for the users to explore and utilize the manageability features, but a meager fee is required to be paid for managing intrinsic benefits like stock options management.

The big picture: in about $6 additional fee, you can have access to outright features of Zenefits.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features


Easy Sign-up
Getting started is easy with an easy sign-up process and no double backed, tedious verifications. Just filling in the basic details will take you to the dashboard in a snap of a click. Registration can be done on behalf of two roles. Either a user can register on Zenefits through a ‘Company Account’ or through an ‘Employee Account’. An easy sign-up policy is followed for both.




Efficient Navigational DashboardHR_Zenefits_NavigationalDaasboard
A centralized design approach is followed for the dashboard. The central pain provides you an easy access to all the modules of Zenefits. The dashboard consists of three panes: Employee’s pane, Benefits pain and Settings pane.

  1. Employee’s Pane: All tasks related to core HR skills are located in this pane. The options available help monitor the activities of the employees, including details, payments made regularity as well as punctuality.
  2. Benefits Pane: The options relating to the management of benefits being provided to the employees of the enterprise are governed through this pane. Easy navigation can be observed through the centralized arrangement of data and benefits correspondingly.
  3. Settings Pane: As the name suggests, through the options available on this pane, you can customize your account, company details, and administrators.



The dashboard also provides you an option to customize and upload the Logo of your company and picks up bio from the reference.




Managing the Workforce
Managing the employees of a company has never been easier. The ‘Employee’ option on the Employee panel takes you directly to another web form which does rest of the task with minimal supervision. All personal and financial information of the employees is gathered, the system is also fully capable of generating company documents such as agreement and offer letters. It has also mastered in verifying eligibility and automatically adding the employees to the company benefits, leaving nominal responsibilities to be handled. It takes over all the tedious paperwork to make hiring new employees an easier task than it has ever been.

You can likewise access personal and financial information through this portal and even keep track of upcoming events to keep the atmosphere of the workplace a joyous one. High level of customization is offered and can be explored through the ‘Configure Custom Fields’ option that lets you gather additional information required to facilitate the efficient governance of the company.


Managing the Payroll
The initial step requires you to sync your account with your payroll provider with a simple login process using your registered username and password. Thereafter, managing the payrolls becomes very conducive.



Zenefits provides you with easy Payroll managing options, thus lessening the burden of payrolls anytime employee staff undergoes a change. These options enable the easy functioning and control to manage the efficiency with which the payrolls are updated, including the calculation of tax margins and deductions applied for company benefits.




Managing Your Contracts
The system lets you manage your contracts alongside your employees. It provides several options to maintain your contracts and keeps track of your transactions with them. Zenefits also facilitates payment to contractors via secure payment gateways to ensure that the company’s relations withstand with its contractors.




HR_Zenefits_PTOtracking Maintain Your Policy with PTO Tracking
Policy Time Off Option lets you maintain a detailed explanation of the company policy and manage leaves and benefits accordingly. It also allows you to manage vacation being offered to employees and rates correspondingly. PTO Tracking enables you to design a framework of your company by outlining the structure of employee behavior.





Stock Option Inventory
Zenefits’ only premium feature is the Stop Options management. To track the entire financial status of the company it is cardinal to evaluate the grants and stock it has and monitor the consign schedules of its employees. This Stock Option lets you do just that. This is an essential element in eliminating the stock problems, nascent organizations ordinarily face.





Business Intelligence Expertise
Zenefits offers its customers various Business Intelligence options to manage the extra functionality that needs to be dealt with. It provides a set of prepared reports that needs to be kept handy like the turnover and employment quotient.


Pros and Cons of Zenefits


  • All-inclusive and free of cost-efficient HR management tool.
  • Easy navigation and centralized controls.
  • Compendious modules including the facility to maintain stock inventory.
  • Allows framing policy with PTO tracking.
  • Making payment easy with secure gateways that let you connect with current payroll providers


  • Technical support via the agency is only available in stipulated time periods.
  • No mobile app available for easy access.
  • The system does not incorporate features to accommodate the retired staff.
  • Availability in only one language (English) makes it difficult to be accessed by those organizations not adhering to The English language.


Zenefits is the self-service tool which allows you to run real-time reports on your workspace. It allows you to manage all the things by connecting HR systems, payrolls, and benefits in a single dashboard. It provides the framing policy with PTO tracking. It is efficient and free of cost HR management tool.

You can refer the detailed HRM tools product review for WebHR for a quick comparison.

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