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Monday , May 27 2024

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How To Boost Sales In The Post-Pandemic World

The COVID scenario had pushed business to its brink. The already difficult business sales finalisation process became a total nightmare for salespeople. However, most businesses eventually adapted the most optimal strategies to boost sales in the post-pandemic world. But, the exact difficulty of the sales world might still be obscure to the general public.

A Marketing Donut survey found that 92% of salespeople gave up on a lead after four refusals. Additionally, the study did not consider the leads that are in the ‘maybe zone’ and might require more resources and time to convert. Instead, businesses should focus on more deliberate ways.

Following are the top four ways to increase sales after the COVID-19.

  1. Educational Lead Generation

Genuinely interested clients are the easiest to convert. Salespeople would describe genuinely interested clients as rare gems. However, you can potentially make every sales pitch to only interested clients. The easiest way to achieve this would be to educate your client. Use emails, postcards, and other means to impart more knowledge about your brand to your clients. Building brand and product awareness should be the central theme of every outreach. Clients are more likely to buy your product if they are acquainted with your brand and company. In addition, leads are highly open to speaking with salespeople to find answers to their questions, clear ambiguities, and make an informed decision. Blankly explaining your products over a single conversation most likely not be fruitful.

  1. Multichannel Approach

The past conventional approach meant using a single channel to appeal to clients. The single-channel usually meant a phone call approach, and prospects now have formed a high aversion to any and all approaches made on the conventional channels. Instead, experts recommend, you should use a multichannel approach. It is an excellent way to increase sales in the post-COVID world. Prospects today look for a highly personalised experience. Your sales team should be adept at utilising various channels to their advantage and should always scout for potential clients on all the channels. Use social media, phone calls, video meetings, emails, and more to connect. Such an approach will exponentially increase your reach and appeal, increasing the chances of conversions.

  1. Adapt Your Pitch

The pandemic has altered the sales cycle drastically. The earlier sales cycle was comparatively shorter, and clients made purchasing decisions based on gut feelings and impulses. However, the pandemic slowed income for most of the world, and clients have now become more methodical and logical with their purchases. Hence, the sales team has to be more tenacious in their approach. Additionally, the best way to improve sales results would be to personalise the pitches to meet the client needs and appeals specifically. Potential clients might still avert sales pitches, but a focused emphasis could turn them around.

  1. Sell Solutions, Not Products

The primary reason for failed pitches is that salespeople attempt to maintain the focus of the conversation on their products rather than the problem of the prospect. Enumerating the qualities of your product will do you no good, as there are many excellent products in the market that serve no purpose in our lives. Irrelevant products will get rejected regardless of their excellency.

Instead, focus on the client’s problems, issues, and concerns and aim to solve them using your products. Use hypothetical situations to justify the viability of your product. It is the most overlooked way to increase sales after the COVID pandemic. Such a solution-focused approach always leaves a lasting impact, and the prospect is more likely to make a purchase as one of their problems is being rectified.

Selling has never been easy, and the COVID scenario has exacerbated the situation. Salespeople in the post-pandemic world will have to be clever and more careful in their strategies to boost sales. Consistency and efficacy have to be maintained throughout the sales cycles for steady success. Perseverance will keep your small business out of the ‘maybe zone.’ Execute the aforementioned methods to increase sales, and you will set your sales team for lasting success in the post-pandemic world.

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