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Friday , April 19 2024

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Marketing and Sales Tools Product Review –

Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-review-Audience.toWhile running a marketing campaign, organizing contacts and getting control over messages give a huge pain to the business owners. Every customer responds in his own way as they have different behavior towards the message.Some click on the targeted links and get converted, some just open and ignore, while others mark as a spam or unsubscribe. Sending messages or emails is not the sign of everything done, you need to track the audience’s response to achieve better outcomes from a campaign. a marketing & sales tool for small business is a dedicated tool to automate your marketing campaign with behavioural scheduling and tracking. The tool provides a platform to know what users do on your website or mobile app and to create and send personalised messages. offers several facilities like segment contacts, trigger emails, or push notifications. The tool also lets you make creative emails.

Editions and Pricing

The tool is free of cost currently, however, you have to contact vendors for paid options.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The tool offers advanced rule based messaging to compose email trigger and allows to schedule automatically when profile match occurs. You can set a trigger condition that matches the recipient’s profile.



product_review_audience.to_behaviral_trackingBehavioral Tracking
The tool tracks the users activities to know their intent, like where they are clicking and where they are spending their time mostly. It allows you to put a condition amongst various behavioral aspects.



product_review_audience.to_user_profilesUser Profiles
The tool lets you create profiles for a certain group of users based on their behavior so that you can take action without wasting time. You can also analyze their reaction to the messages sent to them.


product_review_audience.to_build_segmentsBuild Segments
The tool provides facility to build segments of contacts by importing from the external data sources. You can create a segment using insights, for the users or the visitors.



Email campaign is the powerful feature of the tool. You can add campaign to the target audience that are tracked with their positive behavior or converted by entering/leaving the segment.

Mobile Accessibility is accessible from mobile browsing. Currently, mobile apps are not available.


Currently, the tool does not integrate with other tools.

Support provides good support via documentation that covers various topics with pictures, JavaScript and helpful instructions. You can ask for support from discussion forum as well.

Pros and Cons of


  • The overview tab displays instant reports of emails sent.
  • Display HTML/image and web push notifications are the stand out features.
  • The method used for automation is very effective, if executed in the right way.


  • The tool is of no use for the startups, because they don’t have as many contacts as to be segmented.
  • Putting the right conditions may seem tedious task, if assigned one is not dedicated to it.

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Differentiator differentiates itself from other tools by a variety of features that makes it easier than others. The tool works on logic or condition based actions. You can segment the contacts according to their behavior and tend them to the target with appropriate actions. You can set conditions based on how they interact with the email, how they react to an event or how the attributes get lead generated. On the basis of such conditions you can market a campaign using Email, text messaging, and push notifications. The tool has awesome features and the way it provides facilities to automate marketing is exceptional.

For more details, please visit: website.

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