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Monday , June 24 2024

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Marketing and Sales Tools Product Review- Salespatron

Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-review-SalespatronSalespatron is one of the top marketing tool for small business also a  client engagement and sales presentation solution for sales people, allowing them to keep their sales collaterals at one place and share its links with their clients. These links are trackable so they can easily get useful insights like viewer’s information, number of views, time of viewing and time spent on each slide. It was founded in 2015, in India, by Aniruddh Jain and Deepak Aggarwal both of whom have worked with Google in the past.

A good thing about this tool is that the user does not need to download any files or documents to find out about your product and get to have access to the latest updated information. You can simply upload your presentations and generate a link.

Also, you can enter your client’s email whom you want to send the link and send him message after adding the generated link. You will immediately get notified every time your client opens your presentation. To view the detailed analytics, you can log into your account for the web app.

Editions and Pricing

Salespatron offers two package one for small businesses and the other for enterprises.

The one for small business is available at $20 per user per month. You can get it for $15 if you opt for the annual plan. The package is available for a 14 day free trial.

The enterprise package contains some additional features like encrypted data storage, data export, email upload, custom branding, document recovery, Box integration, Google drive integration etc.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Salespatron_uploadDeckOn-demand Content Repository
Salespatron allows you to have your own content repository where you can store your latest updated sales and marketing content. This repository is accessible anytime from any device. Your clients can safely view it no matter where they are. The files can be uploaded in almost every format be it PDF, CSV, DOC, PNG, PPT or JPEG.


They can be uploaded globally or individually depending upon how they are required to be accessed. You can also have your files uploaded remotely. Just email the document attachment to [email protected] and the file will be uploaded to your account.

Salespatron allows uploading of files as large as up to 100 MB. It offers a storage space of 100 GB in the basic plan while for the enterprise plan, an unlimited storage space is available.

Salespatron provides detailed statistics about how your prospects are engaging with your presentations so that you can easily prioritize your follow-ups. It gives email notifications if a prospect opens a link. You can find out how much time a prospect spent with your document to see if he’s actually interested. Not just that, you can also check the time spent on individual slides or pages to get better insight into their areas of interests.


 Salespatron_ClientFeedbackFormClient Feedback
You can also receive customer feedback via the auto- pop up form that appears automatically once the client has finished reading your document or the client can click the feedback icon to submit his feedback deliberately. These feedback forms can be downloaded anytime from the application download.


Salespatron_LiveMeetingsLive Meetings
Salespatron also allows live one click meetings via the live document presentation feature. You can present the document to up to 20 prospects at the same time, record meeting notes and send them to the meeting attendees. The live pitches can be viewed from any device.


Salespatron provides Google Chrome and Gmail extensions. It can also be integrated with most CRM softwares.

Pros and Cons of Salespatron


  • Provides insightful analytics about customer behavior.
  • Sends notifications immediately once a link is opened.
  • Allows you to store all sales and marketing content in a single place.
  • Allows you to give live presentations.


  • Misses some specialized features provided by the competitors.

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Great tool for SMBs as it allows them to prioritize their follow ups by tracking the most engaging clients and enables them to close deals faster.

For more details, please visit: Salespatron website.

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