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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Best marketing and sales tools product review- Troops

Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-Review- troops

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Sales play a vital part in the world and are ruled by CRM. The sales team needs to excel themselves at each step and outperform the competitors. There are several tools and apps these days that aid the sales team in working efficiently.

Troops one of the best marketing tools, or say it as the Slackbot for sales is a beneficial tool for the sales team. It increases the performance of your job by making it easy to use the CRM data. You can instantly push and pull the required CRM data from Slack. Troops will eventually become the single point hub for both you and your team. As time passes, the Slackbot will grow and become smarter day by day. It will survive all the text and voice controlled platforms. In a nutshell, the tool will become an artificially intelligent assistant.

Editions and Pricing

The tool has two versions; standard and enterprise. One is the free one, and the other is paid version.

Editions Price Features
Standard Free
  • Celebrate wins by deploying a Celebration Gong
  • Push and Pull Customized Salesforce Reports through Slack
  • Ability to Search Salesforce Through Slack
Enterprise Contact Team Standard +

  • Advanced Pipeline Metrics
  • Intelligent workflow
  • Team Analytics and Reporting
  • Manager-Level Project Management Tools
  • Real-Time Notifications and Alerts

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The bot helps to easily configure the custom views of the existing reports in salesforce. With the aid of Troops, you can deliver intelligent reports into any channel or message.



product_review_troops_sales_gongSales Gong
Once you win a deal, you can share your celebration and motivation with the team with the help of Digital Sales Gong. The Gong is completely customizable and includes emojis and gifts.


product_review_troops_searchSalesforce Search
The easiest way to search sales force is with the help of troops. The Troops Bot helps in quick retrieval of Salesforce data within any Slack channel or message. Troops will eliminate tabs and context switching.



With the help of Troop’s customizable alerts, you will always stay updated. It will automate your workflow and improve your pipeline management.


Mobile Accessibility

The tool is a web tool and can be accessed through the internet. However, you can search Salesforce data with the help of troops through mobile on slack.

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The tool integrates with Salesforce and slack.


Through the live chat option, you can get any help needed to smoother the tool experience.

Pros and Cons of Troops


  • Reduces the efforts of switching the tabs all the day.
  • Everything is AI based and bot driven.


  • The tool is still in the beta version, and several updates are pending.


The tool bridges the gap between messaging platforms and systems used every day. The features provided by the tool together make work easier.

For more details, please visit Troops Website.

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