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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Marketing & Sales Product Review- Proofy

Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-Review- Proofy

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The bulk of emails and a large target for the campaign! This is what you think before beginning an email campaign.

The email campaign has been one of the most efficient ways for business owners for marketing, targeting audience, and collecting leads.

However, the pitfalls of email campaigning include unverified or fake email addresses where your effort goes in vain. Marketers appoint a person to identify risky or fake email addresses from their email list. How about a tool that can help you with this process? Yes, Proofy is a cloud-based tool that assists you to email campaigns faster and reduces various errors. The tool allows you to verify or check deliverable email addresses from your list in an intuitive manner.

Editions and Pricing

Proofy has one single version with flexible pricing, which varies with the number of checks you need. If you the ‘pay as you go’ option, then the cost is $0.0005 per check. You can select other option ‘pay for checks’ or use slider for more customized pricing. The best thing is that the tool does not charge you for validity or frequency of controls.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The panel allows you to take the graphical approach on the checks and reports. It looks beautiful and user-friendly with color-coded charts.


The tool lets you verify email addresses by two ways. You can use single verify option or upload an email list. A single file can contain 50,000 emails. Massive!


product_review_proofy_verify_apiVerify API
With the tool, it is very easy to generate API key. You can use API key to check email addresses in bulk and status such as deliverable, risky, and undeliverable.



The tool smartly keeps your uploaded files safe so that you can access the list anytime. With files, you can keep track of the inventory verification.


Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the tool does not offer mobile apps but is accessible for mobile browsing.


The tool does not integrate with other email tools.


Although the tool is straightforward to use, however, you can get support via in-app documentation, online live chat, and message facilities.

Pros and Cons of Proofy


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy learning curve.
  • Good speed and capacity.


  • Some more facilities for emails can become an add-on for the tool.


Proofy differentiates from other tools by its verification functionality. The tool has a good user interface and facilitates drag and drop facility for uploading files. It allows you to keep check list in file storage space. It also keeps track of checks remaining in your account. The stand out features is color-coded graphical view.

For more details, please visit Proofy website.

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