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Monday , June 24 2024

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Three Simple Tips to Increase Email Open Rates

Three-Simple-Tips-to-Increase-Email-Open-RatesEmail marketing is undoubtedly more effective than social presence. Over the recent past years, efficient and well- planned email marketing have driven in more audience than any other means.

Email marketing drives in 40 times more viewers than social posts researchers says. Here are some of the simple tips that can increase email open rates, boosting the conversations.

A Powerful Subject Line

The most important factor that grabs the reader’s immediate attention is the subject line of the email. Subject Line decides the fate of your email. It is best to keep it short and straightforward. The subject line should tell the reader what value he or she gets if he goes through the email.

Avoid words such as “Free” and “%off,” these are the words that may directly land your email into the spam folder of your audiences. Instead, use of exact terms such as “critical,” “eye-opening” can add value and make it stronger than the rest.

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The Header text is also the critical element for email campaigns. It is a small version seen with some popular email clients such as Gmail and Yahoo. Content header too carries high priority as it is right in front of the subscribers before they open the email.

Trustworthy “From” name

Emails are often judged about depending on the sender’s name on the emails they receive. Also, people have different priority levels assigned to various types of issuers. People trusts email that they receive from people that they know or from companies they have interacted them in the past regarding products or services.

The priority list can be:

1: Friends and Family

2: Known Companies

3: People that may be known or unknown

4: Unknown people

5: Unknown Companies

Therefore, it is important to write an effective subject line and a true human name if you are emailing the customer first time. And if possible, use a name that you think your audience is familiar with.

Shoot the email at the Best Day/ Time

The mailer timing is extremely critical regarding engagements. Although no guaranteed answer can state the perfect time and date or a day in the week that can provide maximum business returns. The best way to manage timings is to dig deeper into your insights to determine what all practices, factors or elements can give you maximum returns. Also, developing a matrix for “Time of Day, Day of Week” can make your point in the winner column.

The Bottom Line

Adopting these tips can help you accelerate and boost up your email open rates and email campaigns making them fruitful.

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