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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Top Marketing and Sales automation tools product review- SalesWings

Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-review- SaleswingsSalesWings is one of the top marketing & sales automation tool for Predictive Lead Scoring of your sales leads activity and interest around your business. It detects when your sales lead actively study your website and provides real-time notifications.

SalesWings allows a company to add sales lead tracking in two smart ways:
Sales Tracking
Outbound sales teams can track their leads website visit by sending them daily sales emails with Gmail and Outlook, as well as outbound sales tool plugins such as Salesloft or Replay app.


Marketing Tracking
SalesWings smartly adds tracking to your existing email campaign tools from Mailchimp to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You can also follow leads as they fill in any of your web forms on your website

SalesWings shows the past and future website visits of every point that you develop in the above ways – which are all completely automated. It has a smart algorithm that tracks the site visits of your contacts to predict the probability of sales and sends you actionable notifications in case there is a high probability sales opportunity.

SalesWings helps you keep your hottest prospects at top priority without the need for your sales team to pay close attention to all of your contacts. The Software-as-a-Service can be easily installed in about 5 minutes with no additional requirement for training or maintenance. It offers CRM integrations for Salesforce, and soon Pipedrive. The software is developed by a startup based in Switzerland, Europe.

Editions and Pricing

SalesWings offers three pricing structures:

Starting at 18 US$ per month for one user, and 10 US$ for every next user. The plan is for sales and marketing teams who wish to power up their sales prioritization with a quick sales lead scoring and website tracking.

The team starts at 49 US$ per month for one user, and 10 US$ for every next user, and includes all Business features, plus their Salesforce integration.

For companies wishing to have custom development, requests or a dedicated server, the business pricing is subject to application.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

SalesWings_ProspectAnalysisProspect Analysis and Prioritization
The app gathers all your contacts’ information once you track them, monitors their website views and collects information about all the other factors that contain signs of a client being interested. It then analyses all the information gathered and prepares a list of potential customers prioritizing the ones that are likely to be most genuinely interested in the “Hot prospects” option. Simply put, the 5 to 15% of sales leads can be found at the top. It does so by using predictive analysis to score their level of interest. This way you can pay particular attention to your hottest prospects and postpone consideration for those who are not.

Real-time notifications
SalesWings ensures its users that they will be the first to call a prospect as soon as a real opportunity comes up to make a deal. As soon as the algorithms detect a high level of interest from a prospect, your sales team will be immediately notified about it in real time.

SalesWings_LeadIntentLead intent
With this feature, you can not only determine how much your visitors are interested but also what interests them. It shows you a clean list of the various web pages he has been looking at so that the sales team can adapt their sales pitch accordingly.


Fully automated
The Gmail and Outlook plugins automatically add contact data to SalesWings and make its content trackable by default. No data entry is ever needed. The same principle applies when adding the SalesWings tracking to email campaigns or web forms.


SalesWings_IntegrationsApart from the availability of plugins for Gmail and Outlook, SalesWings can also be integrated with some other mailing software. It can be incorporated with Mailchimp, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Cakemail, CampaignMonitor, Freshdesk, GetResponse or any other Newsletter or Marketing and Automation tool that you like.


Pros and Cons of SalesWings


  • Uses Predictive Analytics to find out the most opportune moment to follow-up with sales leads.
  • It does not require large efforts in training or maintenance by the user.
  • Helps you make effective sales conversations by prioritizing customers with real interest.
  • Removes the need to remove campaign tools, by upgrading them with lead tracking and scoring


  • Does not provide third party link tracking for sales email tracking
  • Customization of Lead scoring can be preferable.

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SalesWings saves your marketing team from handing leads to the sales team which are clearly not sales ready and stops wasting the sales team’s time and energy in calling people who are never going to buy your product. It exponentially reduces your efforts involved in sales monitoring and follow-up. SalesWings is particularly useful for B2B or B2C sales and marketing teams of small businesses, who seek a smarter and better way to understand which leads are most sales-ready.

For more details, please visit SalesWings website.

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