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Friday , May 24 2024

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Product Review: Concurra

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Concurra is a well-performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool that is created to assist different Enterprises and different startups. Concurra offers complete solutions premeditated for Windows. This online SEO portal serves its users with Multivariate Testing, Split Testing, and Test Scheduling.

It is one of the world’s most progressive communication tracker for all websites. The tool automatically records every activity that its visitors perform with their mouse and keyboard while browsing the website. Consequently, relates the user’s learning for better conversion.

Editions and Pricing

Presently Concurra has not mentioned its pricing policy for the product or service offered by it as the product is currently in Beta Version. It entirely depends on the prices quoted by the software vendors and service providers. Hence it is recommended to either directly contact Concurra or the other vendors or service providers to obtain current pricing.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Website Analytics: Unlike other rival tools, Concurra not just tracks what pages visited by its users, but it also archives and accordingly keeps a systematic record of activities performed by its visitors through the mouse and the keyboard while they are accessing the site. It provides you a new element of reflectiveness towards the correct understanding of the user’s experience while browsing the website. It’s more similar to the eye-tracking but in a more revealing manner.

Drilling Individual User Sessions: In order to get some specifics, one can easily dig into a discrete user sitting as Concurra provides its user an eye to get a close insight of their desired information or view the user’s full navigation path through the site, discover it in stagnant form or see each significant click and increase the critical external viewpoint. Through Concurra, one and quickly determine where your users stay, where abrasion happens, and how exactly their expedition through the site is like, from their viewpoint.

Segmentation of Visual Data: Concurra helps in making the complex user interface data simple to understand for the marketers. For that to happen, the entire outputs of Concurra (including both tabular reports and visual analytics) can be sorted out and accordingly bifurcated in terms of its criteria, containing both user demographics (e.g., where exactly are they from, what kind of device they are using), and user conduct (e.g. how many and what kind of other pages have they visited and for how long have they were present on the site).

Automatic Alerts on User Interaction: Concurra’s algorithm observes each communication traced by the system, and when it judges something challenging–like a rise in traffic or a new renovation point, an underachieving page, it notifies the user about the same. The objective is to protect the user’s time and resources so that he could devote less time excavating through the data and more time elevation and designing purposes.

Seamless Tracking of the Interactions: Another essential feature of Concurra is that helps in uninterrupted tracking of the communications ‐even if it includes vigorous features like drop-down menus and rotating carousels. All one has to do is to identify and click to outline objectives and goals.

Additional Features

  • A/B Testing
  • Dashboard service
  • Content Management
  • Audience Targeting
  • Visual Editor
  • Funnel Analysis

External Integrations

The current version doesn’t integrate with any other external platform.

Mobile Accessibility

Concurra is presently unavailable on mobile platforms and devices.


Concurra provides support through different communication channels like Facebook, E-Mails, Personalized messages, Twitter, and Linked-in, Web Apps, and Windows.

Pros and Cons 


  • Data is all surrounded by visually attractive layouts. It allows comfort of access and diversity of efficient extraction of the data.
  • Concurrent being the all-in-one program, uses only the essential marketing requirements and not all the fuzz others attempt to involve in. IT helps in raising the bar in personal marketing.


A lesser amount of focus on how to distinguish and control the data to acquire new statistics for the business that would assist in thorough and improved decision making.

Key Differentiators

Concurra is an all-in-one translation rate optimization technology platform

For more details, please visit the attached Concurra website and get all the insights about this wonderful Search Engine optimization software.

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