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Monday , June 24 2024

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Surprising Ways Facebook is Good for Increasing Engagement and Sales

In spite of new and upcoming social media apps such as Instagram and its upgraded features, Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms to date, reaching around 60.6% of internet users.

Precisely, Facebook is the go-to platform for business owners and marketers, assisting them in capturing the audience’s attention with the highest buying power. Today, we all have heard about Instagram stories, but Facebook stories have become the next marketing trend. Now with the help of this article, we will show seven astonishing ways Facebook stories can help you in increasing engagement with your followers and sales.

Use All Your Prime Facebook Real Estate

Social media is a vital asset to any business, but it’s also become a competitive playground for brands. Facebook for Business found that approximately three million businesses actively advertise on Facebook. Between staying on top of Facebook and content trends, you should also take advantage of every prime Facebook real estate you can, including using Facebook Stories.

Update Customers In Real-Time with Facebook Stories

Stories are not for a long time. Once uploaded, it will disappear automatically in 24-hours. Stories are used to provide followers with daily snippets of content and update them with announcements in real-time. Use your Facebook stories to build up anticipation around your next big project.

Use Facebook Stories to Promote Your Giveaway

We know about giveaways, and one key feature that contributes to its success is promotion. Without it, you’ll have a lower turnover rate, participants, and lead generation. Use Facebook stories to drive entries. Share your Facebook giveaway and how your followers can enter to your websites.

Use Facebook Stories to Deliver Memorable Experience

Facebook stories aren’t only for self-promotion; keep in mind that your stories should also have a well-rounded content strategy. Create an unforgettable brand experience and try to speak to your community, share user-generated, or behind the scenes snippets.

Ask for Feedbacks from Audience through Facebook Stories

Ask customers what they want to see and do surveys or polls to interact with people who are actively engaged with your content. You can also add gifs and stickers to your story. Also, make sure to track the views, clicks, and comments you receive from your stories.

Drive Traffic towards your Blogs through Facebook Stories

Facebook has the option to add custom links to stories. It allows users to drive the traffic towards a specific URL. You don’t always need to add a link to every Facebook story. Instead, learn from other brands to find the right balance of how and when to add links within stories.

Promote your Products and Services through Facebook Stories

Use your Facebook story to promote your products and services. Along with, feel free to share news on a product before its launch. When done right, it can help you to boost your sales and brand awareness. Facebook also has features to highlight your products, promoting social commerce. Over again, it would help if you found a balance between selling and connecting.

These features and tips will help your brand to tap into and keep relevant to the online community. Facebook stories will improve and evolve the features and tools to promote your brand. We hope that from the above article, you will learn how Facebook Stories can increase your engagement and sales.

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