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Monday , April 15 2024

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The Three Drivers of Business Sales

The success of a business does not depend upon the market growth or your marketing skills or the efficacy of your product, or the attention your brand receives. Your business’ success is predicated by the sales it generates. You might be able to get prospects to visit your online shop or your offline store. However, not finalizing a deal will always leave you empty-handed. Making your customers go through with the transactions is what makes a business successful. The business world is a cruel place where the first place holder gets the sale and the profit that comes with it, and the second place holder goes home empty-handed. Hence, sales experts have outlined the three main levels that differentiate them to illustrate the difference between winners and losers. These are: connecting, convincing, and collaborating.

In their research, the sales experts discovered that the way winners sell their products is radically different from the second-place finishers. The levels mentioned above are the key players. As a result, they are discussed comprehensively in the following sections.

  1. Connect

According to experts, winners connect. This extreme connecting proficiency is not what you think. Winning salespeople are not just good at connecting with prospects but also great at connecting the dots between the customer needs and the company solutions. They place their products such that they exist solely to fix the consumer’s problems. The winners are better at listening and connecting with the prospect at a more emotional and personal level.

Treating each customer as an individual and respecting and acknowledging their individuality is critical to sales success. Mechanically restricting yourself to the sale and moving on to the next prospect when the transaction is complete will inevitably lead to loss. Instead, understand their reasons to buy your product and address them.

Making a sale requires human interaction. As a result, psychology plays a major role in closing a sale. There will be customers that seek you for they have a problem and require a solution. Others will be somewhat aware of their problems but would be unsure of the solutions. Hence, it is the salespeople’s job to convince the customer about their problems and assure them that their product will solve their needs.

  1. Convince

The second determinant level that differentiates winners from losers is their ability to convince effectively. However, convincing is not limited to converting the prospect to make them buy your product. It goes much deeper than that. There are three ideas that a winning salesperson should be able to convey to the prospect. First, convince the prospect that they will gain the maximum benefit with your product. Second, assure the customer that the risks involved with your product are acceptable and can easily be handled. The last idea is that the seller is the best available option for anyone in their current position. As you may note, many sellers struggle to sell the buyers one of these ideas and are unable to convert them. There may be others that don’t even attempt to address these ideas. Focusing on the problem faced by the prospect is more important than reminding them of all the benefits of your product.

Though the price of your product plays an important role in the final decision, if you convince them that your product is the best match for them, they’ll buy at a slightly higher rate as well.

  1. Collaboration

The sales experts underlined collaboration as the third level that ensures a transaction’s completion. Buyers usually perceive winner salespeople to be more responsive, proactive, and easy to deal with and purchase from. Buyers also report that instead of feeling that they bought a product from the seller, they feel as if they collaborated with the seller to achieve a mutual goal. This feeling of collaboration is critical to success. It makes the prospect feel supported, understood, and acknowledged throughout the sales process. The feeling of validation generated makes people want to switch from being a prospect to being a buyer. The buyer wishes to feel as if their needs are addressed, listened to, and understood.

The competition has been ever rising in the business world, and making sales has never been easy. The COVID scenario has further exacerbated the situation as the consumer now wants a more tailored and unique experience. In such a condition, finding ways to improve your sales numbers effectively become rather difficult. Hence, use these three C’s of the sales world to your benefit and grow your business. Additionally, invest in CRM systems to access the full potential of the data generated by your sales cycles.


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