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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Top project management tools product review- Polydone

Project-Management-Tools-Product-Review- PolydoneYou can see Top 10 Project Management Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 Project Management Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details.

Polydone is one of the top project management tool or application that you will always need while managing your everyday work. The tool not only keeps you updated on the current tasks, but it also sends you reminders and alerts of what needs to be done.

The tool is equipped with highly powerful features and algorithms that help you make informed decisions. The pricing policies are fair too and lie in the budget for small and medium enterprises.

Editions and Pricing

The pricing policies of the application are:

Starter £4 per user/month
Pro £8 per user/month
Enterprise £16 per user/month

Capabilities and Supporting set of Features

Polydone-GetAccurateEstimatesGet Accurate Estimates
Artificial intelligence is here at your rescue. The powerful algorithms will help you forecast and track your business activities. Precise and automatic time estimates are provided for your boards and projects.

Polydone-SlackKeepsYouOnTrackSlack Keeps you on the Track
The tool lets you get instant notifications on your Slack channel. This helps you to know on what tasks your team is working, which is due and which are completed.

You can also set and track the priority and time estimates for your tasks.

Polydone-HAveABetterVisibilityHave a Better Visibility
Being a project manager, you must be working on some projects, tasks, and sub-tasks at a time. In such a case, it becomes a big challenge to keep an eye on each one of them.

Polydone has a solution for your problem in such scenarios, by giving you a clear visibility over your timeline. The application lets you turn your Kanban into a Gantt with just a single click.

Polydone-SmartKanbanSmart Kanban
Using the smart Kanban in Polydone, you can assign, prioritize, add tags and estimate your task and other activities related to it. This feature lets you simply drag tasks as you make progress through your projects.

When a task is done, you can drag it to “Done” to mark its completion.

With Polydone, you can conduct your performance analysis and track your teams better. You can generate these reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is done all automatically, without any manual input.


Mobile Accessibility

Polydone is currently available as a web app only. It is currently unavailable as a mobile app for Android and iOS platforms.


  • Polydone seamlessly integrates with Slack to make things easier for you.
  • Polydone lets you import multiple Github repos under the same project.


  • The website is in itself a lot of informative describing in details, all the features that will make your project management process a game.
  • Additional Support includes:
  • Feedback Links
  • Online live chat, and
  • Blogs
  • FAQ

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Pros and Cons of Polydone


  • Highly sophisticated and easy to use the platform.
  • Convenient drag and drop options make it easy to use.
  • Accurate Estimates leads to successful projects and happy clients.
  • It is a simple web app; you never need to install anything.


  • Features to add comments to the tasks, adding files and images can make it more powerful.
  • Assigning tasks make a group of team members can also help to organize things better.


  • Intelligent task and activity tracking through powerful algorithms.
  • Drag and drop feature makes it easy to work with.

For more details, please visit Polydone website.

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