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Monday , June 24 2024

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3 White Hat SEO Techniques to Implement in 2018

3-White-Hat-SEO-Techniques-to-Implement-in-2018The Internet has undoubtedly become the most prominent parts of our lives today. One of the biggest contributors in this is also the use of smartphones. They have brought the internet right into the pockets of everyone today. The first thing that strikes people when they want to know about something is, they pull out their smartphones and Google it.

This trend also made it very necessary for a business to rank high in the Google search results to get into the eyes of its customers. With the rapid changes in the Google search algorithms, companies also need to become smarter to keep up with the curve. To rank high up in the Google search results, your business needs to have a clean White Hat SEO technique implemented.

This SEO technique is a must-have factor for any business website. This is all about the right means by which your site grabs attention and credits you in its search results. Here we will discuss what White Hat SEO is and how this technique will keep your ranking results active.

Relevant and High-Quality Content

Content in the website the first thing anyone will connect to. Therefore, it is utmost important to keep it highly relevant. The content should directly project your business value, should be grammatically correct and should be of high quality. Also it is important that your content solves problems, adds value and entertains.

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Using irrelevant content can be risky and will not work out for you. The reason is, people, as well as algorithms, can quickly spot content that is irrelevant or thin. Having such content can quickly dissolve any website, and you might lose the credit you have been expecting it to get. It is also advisable to hire some content creators even it costs a little more.

Content’s Length and Keywords are important

The term of the content is necessary to rank it well in Google search results. In the recent past, having a few hundred words could also rank you high in the search results. But trends changed recently, now, the top industry players are ranking high having a minimum of at least 2,000 words. Using the right keywords, at the right places and in the right density also contributes to the ranking factor. Keywords- optimized title tags are also used to ensure consistency in your webpage’s indexing and ranking.

Revamp the old content

Never let the old and stale content stay on your website. The Internet the place people visits every day, if one of the sites people are visiting the most, your content should be compelling enough to keep your visitors updated. Keeping old content on your website also reflects your disinterest, irresponsibility and lack of concern towards your business. Refreshing the web content is therefore important and should be done a regular basis. Not only it makes your business powerful, it will also keep your online customers and visitors informed.

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Apart from the ones discussed above, there are several other ranking factors that are important for your website to rank high. These are user interactions, bounce rates, Time on Site (TOS), click-through rates, etc.

Another factor that directly connects a reader to the website is the content that downloads as soon as a site is opened. Make sure that the first title or the graphic that downloads when someone opens your website is engaging. Grammar and language are another factors that must be considered to lay a substantial impact on the readers.

The Bottom Line

Above white hat SEO techniques can be the wisest ones to gain credibility among the online readers. These techniques will continuously gain favors as more and more businesses are going online. Also due to the prevalence of machine learning and the search engines getting smarter, companies now need to develop websites that are smarter.

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