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Monday , April 15 2024

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Best Project Management software product review- ScribblePost

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Have got into the habit of using bits and pieces of paper to make a list, email to collaborate and other tools to increase your productivity? If so you should stop doing it and start using one of the best project managment tool Scribblepost.

It is a productivity network to enhance and ease your work. With the tool, you can manage and track almost everything that you work on. Be it tasks, notes, emails or projects; you can manage everything here. With Scribblepost collaboration becomes very simple. The tool offers a collaboration that is called ‘borderless collaboration.’ Overall, Scribblepost is a simple solution to complete your task quickly.

Editions and Pricing

The tool is available as a free tool, and there are no versions currently. You can start using it once you have registered it. However, the tool might soon launch some editions with different pricings. Following are the expected versions of the tool

Edition Pricing Features
Basic $19 per month When emailing others from ScribblePost, emails are stripped of tags, @mentions and ScribblePost footers
Pro $29 per month Basic features plus the ability to create a shared workspace with colleagues, clients, and suppliers
Business $99 per month Pro features for five accounts plus next-day business support and ‘Get started’ training for your team

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_scribblepost_new_scribbleNew Scribble 
Easy to create a new scribble. You can save your scribble and add hashtags to identify and search for the scribble in the future. You can also include another member in your scribble by using “@” symbol.



product_review_scribblepost_manage_scribbleManage Scribble
You can manage your scribbles and schedule them as needed. You can easily drag and drop a scribble to change the schedule or the status of the scribble.

product_review_scribblepost_easy_switchAccess Multiple Scribbles
You can simultaneously open multiple scribbles and quickly switch between the scribbles. There is a separate space that shows all the scribbles that are currently open.  The way you access the now open scribble is implemented interactively.


product_review_scribblepost_my_scribblesMy Scribbles
You can quickly view all your scribbles at one spot and perform several actions on them like editing, deleting, forwarding and much more. The latest scribbles are shown at the top.


product_review_scribblepost_scribble_boardScribble Board
The scribble board shows various options like FAQ, more help, setting, and much more. You can scroll down the boards to view the entire option of the list.



Mobile Accessibility

You can access the tool using the mobile bowsers. However, accessibility eases with mobile applications for both Android and iOS platform.


The tool provides the opportunity to configure and integrate your email. You can also set your email signature that you can send from the tool.


The tool provides a walk through for every feature of the tool. You can also access the FAQ’s if you have any issue. Even after that if your issues aren’t solved you can get help from the support team by sending them a message from the tool itself.

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Pros and Cons of ScribblePost


  • Easy to scribble and collaborate.
  • Easy to reschedule and change status.
  • The interface looks clean.
  • Related scribbles can be created in a list.


  • You cannot jump in between a tutorial.
  • There is no option to export scribbles.


Being the first productivity network in the world and the ability to collaborate and capture thoughts makes the tool different from the rest of the productivity tools.

For more details, please visit ScribblePost Website.

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