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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Specify

project-management-tools-product-review-specifySpecify can be a fantastic project management partner for your organization. With its intuitive and intelligent features, it allows you to manage your project, interact and communicate with team members and collaborate on projects on a single platform. The highly specialized product serves as a perfect platform to manage projects and people altogether.

Some of the enhanced features in this product such as timeline tracking and instant comments section are some of the promising features that grab the attention of the business making the overall experience of project management smooth and easier.


Editions and Pricing

The product is in the beta version and therefore has not announced its releases, pricing policy or any other added feature yet.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Specify-Connecting DesignsToDescriptionsConnecting Designs to Descriptions
Specify allows you to connect text descriptions with the obvious ones on one single platform through one single click. This makes the overall management of tasks easier. The interface shows the images related to work on the right side of the window with a text description on the left panel.



Specify-SpecifyDirectlyonMockupsSpecify Directly on Mockups
Specifications can be created while working on the design. The simple interface allows you to create a whole new specification when you are working on a design. You can create these specifications anywhere on the mockup.



Specify-LoggedupTimelineLogged up Timeline
Specify keeps track of everything that happens in your business. The timeline feature keeps track of your business activities. This feature also helps you to browse and go back in time to see previous alterations or changes made across projects.



Specify-The Changelog The Changelog
The product creates a catalog or a changelog that tracks each entry that is posted to your specifications. The application, Specify displays what was added, who added it and also when it was added.



Specify-TheCommentSectionThe Comments Section
The built-in comments feature allows you to comment on any entry and directly create collaborative teams in the application. This feature allows you to discuss the details on the go, improving the overall communication process through the team.



Specify-SharingSpecificationsSharing Specifications
The sharing feature in Specify helps the team to collaborate well with the team. The sharing feature with different sharing permissions is available for almost every project.



Mobile Accessibility

The platform is currently unavailable to be accessible on the mobile platform like Android and iOS.


The product is expecting to integrate with some of the popular platforms for its sole purpose of collaboration with co-workers or clients.


The application, Specify helps its users through emails. You can shoot in an email to the team behind Specify if you face any issues while working on the product.

Pros and Cons of Specify


  • Better communication with team members and clients.
  • Enhanced visuals help to provide a better view of the projects and tasks.


  • It will add value if the users can get more substantial support such as online chat option or video tutorials in addition to the email support.


  • The comments section helps to work together better as this opens a new channel to communicate quickly and efficiently right inside the project.
  • The timeline feature contributes to keeping a log and activities as they occur. Also, it becomes easy to pull out details of business only browsing through the calendar view.

For more details, please visit Specify website.

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