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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- AgileCase

project-management-tools-product-review-agilecaseThe world is moving from paperless work to digitalization. AgileCase is one such tool which provides a cloud case management solution to help the users to go away from Excel sheets, database or email. It digitizes business process and brings the offline process to clouds. It allows the users to store the customer data and automate creating the document and sending texts, emails, and SMS to send it to customers.

The users can create workflows, manage processes and report on the data. The users can collaborate with the clients in a real-time over a secure portal. It gives the opportunity for the team members to work parallel on customer information.

Editions and Pricing

There are three flexible plans namely administrative, user and enterprise. The application offers a 30 days trial for the software.

Plan Price Features
Administrative $70
  • Cloud Case Management FunctionsAccess to all system functions
  • Access to all system functions
  • User Administration
  • AgileConnect Administration
  • Case Type Administration
  • Milestones & Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Email to Case
User $40
  • Cloud Case Management Functions
  • Access To All System Functions
  • Unlimited Access
  • Client Accounts
  • Secure Document Uploads
  • Mobile Access
Enterprise Contact Team
  • Custom Development
  • Custom Configuration (Case Scripting, Data Import, Report Creation, etc.)
  • Dedicated Training
  • On-premise Installations
  • Private Cloud Installations
  • Source Code License

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The first place the user lands on registration or login is the dash. The panel shows the alerts and my task and events. It also shows the recent activities.



The users can keep track of their personal and business schedule using the calendars in AgileCase. The plans are dynamic. The users can also allocate multiple calendars to a particular user group.



The users can map and view tasks list assigned to them. The list shows the details like due date, description, assigned to awarded to, reference, note, and the completion status.



The users can decide milestones for the different customer and keep track of it. The users can view the description, open date, closing date and client associated with the milestone.



The users can save the personal and official contacts in AgileCase. The customer details like name, phone number, fax. Company number, the web, email address and residential/office address can be saved.



The users can view the expense and time entries for the cases. The lists show details like created date, description, tax, amount, user, case number and billing status.



product_review_agilecase_basic_custom_reportBasic Custom Report
The users can run a basic custom report that shows the case name, number, description and the contact name. The person can also export the data to a CSV, XLSX or a PDF file. The users can also print the data directly.



The users can also send or receive the message on AgileCase.




Mobile Accessibility

The application is web based and does not have any mobile based applications. The users can still use the mobile browsers to use the app, and it works effortlessly on any device.


The application does not integrate with other software or products except email asking for the email address, username, and password.


The team provides three categories of support; bronze, silver, and gold. The users can refer the AgileCase forum or leave a message for any doubts. In addition to these, the tool also allows to raise and follow any request.

Pros and Cons of AgileCase


  • Automate key processes, documents, emails and SMS.
  • Easy to create reports.
  • Cloud concept makes it easy to access from anywhere.
  • Contacts can be imported.


  • Not all the features are available during the trial version.
  • Some of the features are not understood immediately and require help from the support team.


Converting the business from offline to cloud-based makes the business digital and readily available from literally anywhere. All the features make AgileCase stand out of the crowd.

For more details, please visit AgileCase website.

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