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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Smartivity- Encouraging Smartness and Activity In Kids

smartivity-encouraging-smartness-and-activity-in-kidsSmartivity Labs Pvt. Ltd. Provides educational services for activity-based learning by using Augmented Reality and Robotics. The New Delhi-based startup was founded by three IIT Delhi alumni, Apporva Gupta, Ashwini Kumar, Rajat Jain joined by Pixel Juice Proprietor Tushar A Amin in January 2015. They implemented augmented reality, the technique which enables you to have physical objects superimposed by digital ones.

Augmented Reality technology helps children of age six years and above understanding various concepts. They used toys and games to provide the educational services by conceptualizing and creating engaging activities that drive learning. The startup has recently secured a funding of $1 million by publishing firm S. Chand and investment firm AdvantEgde.

The director of S. Chand Gaurav Jhunjhunwala has stated that over the past 12 months, activity had shown some tremendous growth, they have created a portfolio of innovative products with high attention to product design and execution. To develop the activities the team uses the Theory of Successful Intelligence. This art, craft and science activities prepare children to face real world challenges by enabling them to develop analytical, practical and creative skills in a playful manner.

There are two categories in which products ranges. The Smartivity STE(A)M-learning products  are do-it-yourself kits for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Arts. These products help children grasp the fundamental scientific concepts along with some real world concepts and their applications in real life. While Smartivity EDGE consists of augmented reality based learning activities.

The Bottom Line

Cofounder Ashwin Kumar states that he is planning to expand the current portfolio in augmented reality and STEM products to provide interactive learning to kids and create robot-led learning and IoT-enabled toys for children. The newly raised funds will be used by the startup to expand their reach and focus on the global market.

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