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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Preksh Aligning Virtual Reality with Online Shopping

preksh-aligning-virtual-reality-with-online-shoppingImagine the fun of shopping when you can shop online! The pleasure of walking through the offline store aisle and picking up things! Preksh is one of such means with Augmented Reality (AR) technology which aligns the physical world of shopping into the digital space. The technology was introduced to make the shopping experience more delightful for those who love doing it.

Preksh enables people to walk through the offline stores on the web and mobile, pick products or groceries off the shelves and purchase them online.  The consumers can discover products the way they do shopping at a store or a mall nearby. The founder of Preksh is 50-year-old M.A Kodankarama, (aka MAK) . He states that, with an experience and success in the online shopping business, the team is looking forward to extending its activities towards other sectors as well.

Creating the Visual Experience

The idea of adding virtual reality to the shopping experience seeded up from the issue that, when we go online for shopping, the only feature is to search and discover as we shop. The search is text based search or menu driven search. On the other hand, consumers look around for things when they go for offline shopping. The looking around features goes missing in the case of online shopping.

To add this experience, the founders along with their team came up with the idea of adding the flavor of Augmented Reality (AR) to the shopping experience. Although, it is a big challenge for the team to get early adopters to the technology, to view it as a ‘Must-Have Innovation,’ rather than considering it as the ‘Nice-to-Have’ add on.

The team also have been working with a couple of leading brands across the nation. It has also proved the time spent by a consumer with their brand is increasing than others. Additionally, this technology also increased the sales of the brand without introducing any discounts.

How it works

The Preksh dream has been working closely with Google on developing Business views (using the street view technology), for business, including retailers. This project has also given the team an insight into the augmented and virtual reality industry.

Preksh uses the 360-degree panoramic tour of the business or the store. It creates an overlay on the virtual tour making it informative, interactive as well as intuitive for the purchase process. This platform enables people to walk through, go to a place of their interest, get information about the business. They can also do some specific actions- such an add to cart or initiate a purchase.

Reaching the Product and the Market

The technology tracks every move and action of the user to offer detailed insights of the user interests. The tool preferences to align the product and marketing strategies for better ROI. The technology enables people to virtually walk through the resort/ hotel to set right expectations before they start their travel. This system integrates with the backend system to reflect the correct information to the customers.

The Bottom Line

Preksh was officially launched in September 2015, taking close to eight months to build the beta version. Initially, Preksh roped in 15 stores in Bengaluru for its Beta trials. With its success towards the new idea, online shopping giants have expressed interest towards implementing the concept of Virtual Reality.

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