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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Fusioo

Project-Management-tools-Product Review-FusiooFusioo is an easy to use, collaborative and has secure online database. One need not be a database manager and need not know any technical stuff to use Fusioo. It helps you manage the efforts of any project management.

Fusioo easily adapts to the way your team works and is very different from the other project management tools.

It can be used to manage expenses, customer relations, project, track leads, issues and anything else that you think you need to manage. The use of Fusioo helps you save money on any dedicated IT person. As it says, you can start working as you want.

Editions and Pricing

Fusioo provides a 14 day free trial with no contacts and no credit. The paid version costs $9 per user per month if paid annual and $12 per user per month if paid monthly.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_fusioo_create_appproduct_review_fusioo_add_fieldsApp Creation
Fusioo allows you to create tables called “App” in which the user can manage project or literally anything they want to. Users can decide the fields that will be present in the tasks or content of the app.



product_review_fusioo_bundlesManage App
The users can manage and combine similar apps in a single bundle called the “App Bundle” by just dragging and dropping the apps from one bundle to another.



product_review_fusioo_chartVisual Data
It also allows your team members to create charts and graphs for visual representation of data. It allows you to create pie, bar or grouped bar chart.



product_review_fusioo_manage_usersManage users and roles
Fusioo allows you to invite as many users as required to your workspace. The users can also be grouped accordingly based on their roles and responsibilities.



product_review_fusioo_user_permissionAccessibility Control
Managing the visibility of your data is very important as you cannot allow everyone see all of your data. Fusioo allows you to manage the visibility very easily. You can give the visibility access to each role as you need. The visibility can be controlled on the entire app and on the fields of the app too.


Import Data
Fusioo also allows you to import data from excel sheets. If you have a CSV file, convert it to excel and then use it to import your data.




Organizing and scheduling is easier and less time consuming with the calendar feature. It provides a centralized view for records from different apps.

Mobile Accessibility

The product does not have any mobile application for itself, however, mobile browsing can still be used.


Fusioo has a good support system. It provides documentation to understand the product. Apart from that it allows the users to raise support tickets. It also has chat feature to chat with the support executive.

Pros and Cons of Fusioo


  • Easy to use without having any technical knowledge.
  • Allows to import data from excel.
  • Secured and allows to modify user visibility.
  • Cost efficient for small business.


  • It does not have integration with any other application.
  • Export of data is not possible.
  • Loading each record takes a lot of time.


Easy to use and no coding to work on the required data makes Fusioo easy to use by anybody. One need not be an IT specialist to use this app. This serves to be affordable online database for small companies.

For more details, please visit: Fusioo website.

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