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Monday , April 15 2024

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How MaaxMarket reached Social media for Business

The-story-of-MaaxMarketThe idea of MaaxMarket emerged to the founder and CEO of the company when he was working for a software product development company and observed the company through a number of growth stages. The CEO of MaaxMarket joined this development company as a “Sales Executive” and left his job as the “President”. Undoubtedly, he must have observed tremendous amount of changes the company had gone through during this tenure.

During this tenure, he gained experience in building successful software products for small businesses in US and European market. He was in-charge of a number of functions in the company like sales, product management, support and marketing. He built a marketing team of 15 people, but couldn’t find the right product to automate repetitive marketing tasks that were carried out manually by this team.

Although, there are some of the automated tools which are present in the market, but are very expensive. It was also observed by him that many of the small businesses also did not have any solution to this issue and were looking forward to an automated tool for this task.

How it Started

The CEO says that this idea of creating a SaaS product focusing on behavioral targeting, automating repetitive marketing tasks and sending personalized follow ups to customers via social media and email. Discussing this idea with a few clients and friends came out to be favorable as it was appreciated by them as they were looking forward to a product that could easily solve this issue at a very low price point.

He says he always wanted to start a company, and this, probably was the best time for this. He also stumbled upon the blog from Girish about how he started FreshDesk and also spent most of the time in Hacker News trying to know everything about marketing automation and behavioral targeting.

US and the Indian Company

The company MaaxMarket was initially registered in India also incorporating a company in the US with the name MaaxMarket Inc. The firm in India then created a subsidiary link between the Indian and the US firms as the main motive was to carry out most of the marketing in the US market.

Marketing- Product/ Market Fit

The company then carried out some organic and social media marketing. Based on the work experience and also considering the feedback and engagements with the customers, the tool has gone through a number of changes to make it fit for the active and willing customers to purchase it from them. The active team of developers are still making modifications to the product prioritizing some of the features.

The Bottom Line

Most of the customers who have signed up with MaaxMarket have a specific pattern and their basic starts off with a simple requirement on automating email follow-ups. Irrespective of a person opening a mail or not, they should receive different contents between different time intervals. Thus, considering and observing the various customer requirements, the product is in consistent developmental changes to meet the customer requirements.

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