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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Best Marketing and Sales Tools Product Review- Quotingly

Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-Review- QuotinglyEvery business finds difficulty when it comes to preparing quotations and proposals for their clients. It is a hard part of business operations to analyze costs and estimates that vary for each one. Even the professionals consume considerable time while making it for the clients.

Quotingly which is one of the best marketing tool for small business is a web based tool specifically designed to save time for small business and startups that helps them to build right client-centric quotes and proposals. The tool has a variety of templates and several options which let users choose according to their interest.Quotingly is the tool for startups and small businesses with an affordable pricing model.


Editions and Pricing

Quotingly has three editions- Standard Proposal, Premium Proposal and Unlimited Usage. The Standard proposal edition costs $1 per proposal, the Premium proposal costs $5 per proposal, and the unlimited usage edition costs $50/mo.

The best thing about the pricing model is that plans and costs are based on the proposal basis, not on the monthly subscription basis, except Unlimited Usage plan. All the plans offered is for unlimited clients.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_quotingly_CSS_styleCSS Style
The tool lets you implement CSS style for the documents, you can use any style from the default styles or add one and edit. Content preview is an added feature.



With snippets feature, you can turn the templates into one presentation that saves hours. Short codes take you to the page where you want to navigate.


The tool is aimed to keep you up-to-date with the project progress, you can set the phases for the various progress stages of a project or utilize the default one.




The tool has a rich collection of templates of deliverables. You can give a quick edit by adding client, task and time duration, on the go!



product_review_quotingly_track_clientsTrack Client
The tool lets you track client status and allows you to manage their activities, such as active, pending, inactive or declined.



Mobile Accessibility

Currently the tool is not available on mobile platforms, but it is accessible via mobile browsing.


The tool integrates with various tools such as Harvest, Basecamp, and Zendesk, etc.


The tool provides great support via video tutorials and FAQs. You can get support via Email as well.

Pros and Cons of Quotingly


  • The tool provides downloadable PDF reports.
  • The tool has a huge amount of useful templates of various categories of proposals and quotes.
  • Eye-catching user interface.


  • Mobile apps are missing.
  • The Standard and the Premium plans are limited to 3 unique users.

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Quotingly differentiates itself in several ways, like if you want to quote and estimate for the clients, you can do it along with client engagement. The tool integrates with project management tools that allows you to track project progress, plus save countless hours.

The tool has many stand out features like snippets, short codes, and phases. The user interface feels cool to the eyes. The coolest thing about the tool is that the deliverables are based on individual tasks and hours.

For more details, please visit: Quotingly website.

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