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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review-

Project-Management-tools-Product Review-nostromoNostromo is an inventive project management tool that helps you optimize your business workflow, assess the performance, create working hour logs and ensure effectual execution of plans and strategies. It minimizes the waste of time and efforts and allows you and your team to increase productivity which ultimately transcends into the profitability of the business. The tool permits to work on a virtuosic Kanban Board where the tasks can be easily added, modified and deleted. It also facilitates ordered allocation of work amongst the employees, monitoring of progress of the project, integration with e-mails and subsequently develops superior communication flow within the organization.


The tool creates a timeline of the project and lets you analyze the working efficiency of your corporation while ensuring efficacious time management. You get separate boards to work on while the planning phase and the execution phase. These can later be studied for congruency and necessary actions can be taken depending upon the evaluation results which are presented comprehensively. Nostromo also incorporates powerful administrative control options to shelter the sensitive information and secure the team’s work.

Nostromo is thus, undeniably a solution to all your project management snags.

Editions and Pricing

The company is still working on providing different packages and editions based on pricing. The tool is available for free, as of now. Particulars of one planned edition has been listed below.
Pioneer ($5 per user/month)

  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Different boards for planning and implementation
  • Kanban-based development support
  • Time estimation and time logging
  • Screen module for design collaboration
  • Trello import
  • E-mail based and live chat support

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Nostromo_Plan BoardPlan Board
After registering to the tool and providing a project title, you can begin the planning phase on the plan board. Various columns and work cards can be created. The cards can be easily shifted by dragging and dropping to the desired cell. The cards can include the name of the involved members, labels, checklists, assigned working hours and other details along with attachment of associated files.


Nostromo_Work BoardWork Board
Once the plan board has been chalked out, you can start the execution while logging the details to the work board. A Similar type of cards can be posted and compared against those on the plan board. The screen folders can also be linked to these cards.



Nostromo_ReportPerformance Reports
Based on the hours logged by various members as well hours logged in different activities, daily and monthly performance reports are generated. These are clear indicators of the team’s productivity and can be used for overall improvement.



Nostromo_Design CollaborationDesign Collaboration
The tool offers impressive design collaboration. The high-resolution images of the designs can be uploaded to the folders. Your team can provide opinions by pinning comments to specific places on the design screen.


Mobile Accessibility

The mobile app is not yet available on any of the app markets. However, the tool can be easily accessed via mobile browsers.


The tool allows the attachment of various doc files, PDFs and images to the cards on the Kanban boards. The analytics reports can be exported from the tool.


The tool is providing support via e-mails. It is also using Hotjar to carry out customer satisfaction surveys and collect feedback.

Pros and Cons of Nostromo


  • Cost-effective. At present, the tool is available for free.
  • Seamless design collaboration via screen folders.
  • A thorough project management tool covering various aspects.
  • User-friendly interface 


  • Unavailability of mobile app


The tool presents all-inclusive project management attributes.  The provision to use graphical cards and screen folders differentiates it from the other tools available.

For more details, please visit: Nostromo website.

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