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Monday , May 27 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Rindle

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Project Management is one of the important tasks that every business have to deal with. There are some products and services in the market today that is working in this domain. One among such traditional tools is Rindle.

Rindle is an easy to understand and use application that manages your projects and tasks across these projects effectively and efficiently.  The simple use of cards as work items with drag and drop functionality makes it easy to use for the project managers.

Editions and Pricing

The application is in its Beta version. The Rindle team will soon bring its versions and pricing schemes for interested users.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Rindle-TheWelcomeBoardThe Welcome Board
The welcome board contains multiple lists of items. The list contains cards that can be used as task or action cards across projects. The first board provides two predefined lists; you can also add multiple files as per the requirements.

The welcome board is the first board provided by Rindle. You can also create multiple boards as and when required.

Rindle-AddingARuleAdding a Rule
One of the distinguishing features of Rindle. These are actions that you can define and use as you work with the cards. This feature can be enabled using the Automation section of the tool. You can add multiple triggers and actions to a rule. This feature helps you to streamline your task management across projects.

Rindle-CreatingANewBoardCreating a New Board
Rindle allows you to set up and work on multiple boards. This feature works well when you are working on different projects or with multiple teams.

You can create a new board from the “Create New Board” option available on the left most panel of the dashboard. Once the board is established, it provides three lists where you can add cards as your action items.

Rindle-EditingTheBoardEditing the Board
Once you have created a board, you may like to make changes on the board. Rindle allows you to make changes in it. The Board Name button gives you options to Edit Board Name and Delete Board. The Active Cards button helps you to pull in Active and Archive Cards.

The choices on the list let you remove list, mark all cards complete, archive all cards or change the list colors.

Rindle-CreateA CardAdding Cards
Once you have worked out on your list, you can start creating your list items, i.e. the cards. The simple + Sign in the list will let you create the cards for your lists.


Mobile Accessibility

The application is unavailable across mobile devices such as Mobile phones and tablets. The team will soon launch its Android and iOS app versions to make it more handy to use.


Rindle integrates with some external platforms to help you pull in data, information, and tasks quickly. Following are the platform with which Rindle currently integrates with:

  • Gmail
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • GitHub
  • Basecamp2
  • Todoist
  • Wunderlist
  • JIRA
  • Teamwork, and
  • Asana

Rindle is also working on some other platform to integrate, such as:

  • Evernote
  • GitLab, and
  • Bitbucket


  • The application takes you a product tour as soon as you sign up with Rindle.
  • The tool also offers separate Help and Contact features to provide support to all its users right inside the tool.
  • The help section provides articles describing the various character of the tool.
  • An FAQ section also helps users to resolve some common queries.
  • The Rindle Help Centre enable you to contact the Rindle team. You can share your message here with your email id and attachment.

Pros and Cons of rindle


  • Incredibly simple and intuitive application to use.
  • Some integrations help to pull in data and information flexibility.


  • It would be great if the application had a calendar option to organize tasks or events better.

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  • Drag and Drop card elements make it intuitive.
  • Triggers and rules make the workflow smoother and customized as per your needs.

For more details, please visit Rindle website.

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