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Friday , April 19 2024

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Project Management software for small business product review- Slenke


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Small and medium businesses face a common problem of having to use different software for their daily activities. They have to opt for different platforms for everyday tasks like time tracking, communication, project management, and invoicing. Slenke a project management software which offers a workspace that acts like an internal social network which your company can use for secure communication, file sharing, organizing tasks, time tracking, and more. This way the day-to-day tasks can be simplified, and your business will save the costs of multiple subscriptions.

Editions and Pricing

Slenke offers a freemium plan for one project; you can have as many team members as you want to work on this project. You will get all the features of this tool in the freemium version. The Starter plan will cost you $4.99 per user per month (annually); you can work on 15 different projects in this plan. For more projects, you can go for the Advance version at $11.50. This plan allows you to work on up to 30 projects. Also, there is the Premium version which you can buy at $18.99 per user per month. There is no limitation on the number of projects in this version.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Slenke_SecureCommunicationSecure Communication
Slenke provides end-to-end encryption, so you can seamlessly communicate between teams and departments. Users get a connective workspace where they can share their ideas freely without any hurdles.



Slenke_ProjectManagementProject Management
Slenke has some smart and easy to use options for managing and tracking your projects. You can keep all your project related documents at one place keeping them organized and instantly shareable with other team members. Slenke helps you complete your project in time and keep it under budget.



Slenke_TaskManagementTask Management
You can create tasks, assign them to team members, and manage them efficiently with this tool.


Slenke_TimeTrackingTime Tracking
You can track time for the different tasks and activities on which your team members are working. You can approve or decline the number of hours with this tool.


Slenke_InvoicesGenerate Invoices
You can generate invoices in a few seconds on the basis of time tracked or flat rates and send them to you clients instantly.


Slenke_ManagePermissionsManage Permissions
Slenke allows you to grant different access rights to different team members via a unique permission system for groups and individuals.



Pros and Cons of Slenke


  • Allows open communication across the organization.
  • The tool uses AES encryption for all your messages and files.
  • Allows custom permissions and user groups.


  • Slenke does not have mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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Slenke brings together multiple modules of project management to help you manage your projects through in a collaborative virtual environment. Slenke is amongst the few products that provide full encryption for communication as well as your files stored in the system.

For more details, please visit Slenke website.

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