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Friday , April 12 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Tidymarketer


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Tidymarketer is a new digital marking hub in the market. It is a beautiful way to sync the entire marketing team of an organization. The tool provides automatic media planning, dedicated marketing calendar, task manager and an integrated marketing planner. It helps to automate campaign planning process by allowing you to plan a campaign for a period. The process of execution is made easier with the color coded calendar. Organizing the work of the team members and external vendors is more effective with the task manager. Instant and clear communication can be done seamlessly.

The tool suits for all marketers, CMO’s and agencies. The tool streamlines the day-to-day activities for the marketers. The CMO’s love the tool as it provides a complete visibility in everything. The tool aligns the agencies with their clients and scales their business.

Editions and Pricing

Tidy marketer comes with a simple and affordable pricing of $25 per user per month. It offers a fourteen day trial period without any credit card.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The users can view the tasks and other details on the calendar to stay focused and to avoid missing any deadlines. They are provided with a switch to show or hide media plans from the calendar to increase visibility. The users can view the basic details of the tasks or media plans by clicking on the tasks in the calendar.


product_review_tidy_campaign_line_builderCampaign Line Builder
The users can create line items for each media plan. The line items include details such as line name, media partner, and metrics to be calculated. It allows the users to mention the deadline and also the estimated budget.



The tool allows the users to create notes. It has options to format the content and also quote any content.




The users can create reminders with details like time and location. The users can also add time for notifications and notes.



The users can filter the events to view the content easily. The users can view the events assigned to them or filter by campaigning type.



The tool provides a section to discuss in each digital media plan. The discussion can be started by mentioning a username after the @ symbol. Whenever a particular user is a mentioned in any discussion, the user gets an email notification with discussion details.


Mobile Accessibility

The tool is available as a web application and does not have any mobile application.


The tool does not integrate with any other application or tool.


The team provides support through live chat. The users can send a message to get in touch with the team. The users can also view the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts of the tool.

Pros and Cons of Tidymarketer


  • Simple and easy to use and understand.
  • Easy to create tasks, reminders, media plans and campaigns from anywhere.


  • The export to excel option in Digital Media Plans does not function properly.


Professional looking marketing plans which allow the teams to sync easily makes the tool different from others. It is the ultimate solution for marketing management as it allows planning, alignment, and visibility across teams and channels.

For more details, please visit TidyMarketer Website.

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