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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Tookan

Project-Management-tools-Product Review-Tookan

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Streamlining your business and keeping it on the right track always is a vision every entrepreneur has. However, this task may be a bit challenging for small and medium businesses. Small and medium businesses are not always able to hire an individual to keep everything organized all the time.

Tookan is a product that is designed to support any type or size of business. Tookan is highly flexible and is tailored to fit in any company helping managers to keep everything on the track. The most unusual feature of this tool is that it can work for any and every business your business deals with such as Healthcare, Delivery Services, Hospitality, Home services, repair services, etc.

Editions and Pricing

The tool is available in three versions:


Free Forever US $0 per month 3 agents allowed
The Agent-Based USper month For countable workforce
Task Based US $0.1 per task per month For unlimited workforce

Every edition for Tookan has a 30-day free trial.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Tookan-DashboardThe Tookan Dashboard
The Tookan Dashboard is one of the power place of the tool. The highly intuitive interface gives you access to all the action points of the application. The dashboard displays all the tasks created by the user at the left while all the agents are shown in the right. You can create a task right here at the dash and add agents to carry out assignments.


Tookan-AgentsPanelManage Agents and Contributors to the Tasks
The tool allows you to manage and add new agents to tasks. At the agent’s panel, you can add teams, agents, managers, and Customers. The agent group also gives access to Rating and Reviews, Notifications, Billing Information and API.


Along with managing and organizing the business processes, you can also generate reports to draw conclusions regarding the past activities and trace the performance of the team and progress of the projects. Two filters, Time and Agent, are used to draw reports and track the project status.


Tookan-CustomizeDashboardCustomize your Dashboard
You can make Tookan work as you like. All you need to do is to customize the dashboard as you need it to be. The dashboard has options for adapting itself for business such as Pickup and Delivery, Appointment, Field Workforce, etc. you can change and set attributes of the panel as and when required.


Tookan-AddCustomTemplatesCreate Templates to Work Faster
With Tookan, you can create your templates that can be used by agents. All you need to do Is add a model from the Workflow panel and add Custom Fields as you desire and let your agent just make the entries quickly.


Tookan-InstantNotificationsInstant Notifications
The instant notifications in the form of SMS, Webhook and Emails keeps you updated about the progress of a task. The tool sends instant notifications as soon as an action is performed on a job.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool offers the Tookan mobile apps for Android and iOS devices to keep you informed all the time. You can use the application on the go and manage the business process from anywhere without any delay.


The team supports unparalleled phone and email support with dedicated customer success managers, no matter if the firm is just a startup or a multinational company. The tool also takes the user through a product tour for an introduction to the application. It also provides a chat support that is available 24/7 on the website as well as on the user’s dashboard.

Pros of Tookan


  • The tool can work fairly well for many industries.
  • The map and tracing feature makes tracking tasks and people much easier.


  • Template feature.
  • Maps and tracking feature.
  • Reports and Analytics.

These are some of the differentiating features that make Tookan most preferable by business. Its customized and easy to use interface makes the overall workflow much easier.

For more details, please visit Tookan website.

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