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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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SmarterHi – Making a Smart Move Towards Success

“Small efforts sustained over time can produce significant result…” SmarterHi team justifies this saying. This Pune based IoT startup was founded by Srini Narayanan and Pradeep Vasudev in 2014. The startup is a small venture but its goals are set to sky-high. The company works on IoT, which is the most promising technology for the future. It aims to reach the Pinnacle of Success with their determined efforts and hard work.

Starting the Journey

The company kick-started their journey with their flagship product “Assertion” which is B2B Security Audit Solution. The product gained popularity for its unique idea of delivering communication security services to large enterprises. The Software implements IoT solution to automatically check if the organization’s communication system works in compliance with the policy standards. If it seems to deviate from its normal operations, the software notifies about the same and maintain secure communication within the organizational premises. One of the international banks located in Singapore currently implements Assertion for its communication security. This implementation of software speaks for itself and clearly explains the quality of the product.

The Success Story

The supreme quality maintained by the startup in all its services helped them to achieve recognition internationally also helping the company to raise funds. The company’s CEO and Co-founder Srini Narayanan recently gave a statement revealing that their startup has received funds from some investor in Singapore, the amount and investor name remains undisclosed. The company is planning to utilize these funds in Research and Development, Marketing, and Sales. The global reach of the product and the international fundraising, says it all about the sleepless nights and countless efforts that went into developing this startup.

The aforementioned story demonstrates a perfect example of hard work and dedication. It proves that effort never goes wasted, one day or the other it definitely pays off, the way it did for the SmarterHi startup. The startup’s revolutionary idea and the far-sighted vision helped them to grow big and achieve heights. The story tells us that even a small idea could make a huge difference. So next time whenever you have some innovative idea, don’t ignore, implement it and see the miracle of success.

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