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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Product Review: Winio -The Fastest Way to Sync your Team with Ongoing Projects

Top Collaboration Tool - Winio

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Every organization requires collaboration for tracking the progress of various ongoing business tasks and for coordinating the workforce.Earlier, manual coordination was implemented to sync the employees with the business process. However, nowadays, technology tools are available which work to collaborate with the organizational team and monitor their workflow collectively. These tools known as the collaboration tools help the organizations to integrate their workforce using a single platform to organize the employees and assign them projects effectively to generate optimum results. Winio is one such collaborating tool that syncs the organizational team with the ongoing projects to align all the team members with the latest happening of the project. The technical specification of the tool is as follows.

Editions and Pricing

Winio offers lifetime free service for the organization with a limited number of users, after which the subscriptions are as follows.

Free $0 for lifetime · Unlimited Projects

· Up to 5 users

· 1 GB storage

· Up to 5k of your team’s most recent messages

Pro $6.89 per month · Unlimited Projects

· Up to 5o users

· 10 GB storage per user

· Unlimited message history

Custom As per user requirements · SAML-Based Single Sign-On (SSO)

· 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime SLA

· 24/7 support with 4 hours response time

· 20 GB storage per user

Capabilities and Supporting set Features


As the user logins to the Winio, tool, the first page that appears is the project page. This page displays the various projects created by the tool. From this page, the user can easily navigate to any respective project and assign tasks to the team members or track the progress of the assigned tasks. Furthermore, a new project can be created using the new project option. When the user creates a new project, he/she can add the team members that will be part of the project so that every member of the project is well informed about its progress. It helps in managing unlimited projects easily and efficiently support team coordination.


Visiting a particular project allows the user to create many tasks in a particular project and assign it to a suitable person. The checkbox in front of each task which gets ticked in the case of task completion so that the project manager can track the actual progress. The tool facilitates the upload of various files to help the users to fetch any information from the offline system for project purpose and share it with other team members.

The teammate’s option of the tool gives all the details of the team members associated with the tool. The option further allows the user to invite new team members in the case the project team requires scaling. This online mechanism of communicating project requirement to the team makes the organizational work quick and eliminates long fruitless verbal meetings.

Mobile Accessibility

The mobile application for Winio is not available.


Winio does not provide integration currently.


Thre Winio tool provides 24/7 chat and email support.

Pros and Cons of Winio


  • Effective team collaboration
  • Project creation
  • Task assignment
  • Storage capacity
  • Unlimited messaging
  • File upload


  • Lacks report to represent the progress of any task graphically
  • Lacks task deadlines and schedules


The team collaboration allowing the project team to connect with the various external project stakeholders, such as contractors, clients, etc. remains the differentiating feature of the tool. For more information regarding this tool visit Winio Website.

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