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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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File Storage System for the Remote Team

As most businesses today are working remotely, business leaders now need a modern file system to store their files. This is important to boost your productivity as well as collaboration to make sure that you use the right technology for your business.

Cloud-based storage systems have become a critical part of the communication and collaboration process. Choosing the right file storage makes it easy for the remote teams to create documents, cooperate with one another, as well as keep all the critical data and information security. Choosing the right solution is important as the wrong data storage solution can cost a lot of time for the teams that are distributed. These can also cause frustration and confusion. In order to make sure that you choose the right file storage system for your business, the following list of features is helpful.

Ease of Use

This is one of the critical components of the file-sharing system. What makes the system easy to use will depend on the file storage needs of the team. However, there are some of the basic requirements that must be kept in mind.

For instance, all the users of the file storage system must be able to access, view, and edit files without downloading them to their devices. If the team members are able to access files on their devices, it will save them a lot of time when every update occurs. At the same time, you must make sure that the overall user interface and the overall navigation is highly intuitive for the users.


All the could based storage companies have made an investment in their protocols to keep all the sensitive data of the company safe. However, the details of all these policies may vary with time. You must look for providers that can keep all your documents safe with bank-level encryption, two-factor authentication, and automatic backups.

You might also have customizable permissions based on the needs of your team and the roles of people present in your organization. You can restrict the view and editing options for some of the team members to install the highest levels of security.

Real-Time Sync

People have started realizing the importance of automatic and real-time syncing as they have experienced the frustration of being locked out of a document while another member of the team is making changes in it. Or in the worse case where the two people have realized that they have developed two versions of the same document. The automatic and real-time syncing technique helps to resolve this issue.

Files that are in sync reduce confusion and help to resolve issues. Therefore, your business needs a real-time synchronization that enables members of your team to view the changes made by their teammates as and when they are done.


Most of the file storage system providers understand that these tools are not just used to save documents. These tools are used greatly on synchronization and providing the best in class solutions with some of the additional tools for communication. The tools now allow the users to tag each other, send and receive notifications when the files are updated, and leave comments on the documents that are not part of the document.

Integration with the Other Systems

One of the most important features to look for in a file storage system is integration with the other platforms where the team where your team spends most of its working hours. This might be your project management system, CRM system, or become your primary communication tool depending on your business.

Automatic File Versioning

Most of the teams maintain Standard Operating Procedures which are living documents and needs to be updated frequently. Teams also prepare reports, presentations, and white papers that go through multiple drafts before they undergo annual updates.

An automatic file versioning keeps all the historical records of all the updates made on the different documents. This ensures the high quality of each iteration. This is done by time stamping each version of the document, and each version is later labelled with a username and lists the changes done by them. This feature also helps to revert the document to the previous versions.

Towards the end, make the best choice for your business that helps it to meet the needs of the team. The best selection is, of course, a cloud-based system that fits best the team workflow. These six requirements mentioned above will guide you to make the best selection for your business.

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