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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Top 3 Collaboration tools for Small and Medium Businesses

Top-3-Collaboration-Tools-for-small-and-medium-businessWe have further shortlisted the Top 3 out of Top 10 collaboration tools for Small and Medium Businesses

For any business, it is essential that they could communicate in an efficient way with their growing networks, whether it is meeting with clients or sharing files within offices. A collaboration tool allows you to do such things effectively. Though there is numerous tools available offer collaboration as an added feature, for small and medium business needs, the tools are picked which cater to collaboration as a core feature like massive storage and transparent accessibility.

With an easy to use collaboration tool, you can build teamwork, manage documents, conduct meetings and start a conversation from anywhere anytime you want. Every business application needs, a collaborative environment for better file sharing solutions. So they look for a tool that strongly integrates with most of the other tools.

Here considerations are taken from the convenience of small and medium scale business, keeping an eye upon integration and pricing. OneDrive, Google Drive and Box scored in the top 3 collaboration tools.


OneDrive is the most common and widely available tool offered by Microsoft. The tools enable you to share and edit files with anyone you want. All you need is internet access. You can use it from mobile as well.


  • Restore facility: once you deleted a file or send it in a recycle bin, just like windows, it can be restored to the previous destination.
  • Low cost, affordable plans for small businesses.
  • Integrated with all Microsoft office apps.


  • Slower speed.
  • If not using Windows devices, you might be better with one of the other options.

Google Drive

Google Drive is also a strongly integrated tool with all common apps. Google offers mass storage space to save and share files with all must-have features for effective collaboration.


  • It allows you to access all sorts of office tools.
  • Cost-effective.
  • A great choice for business who needs a larger space.


  • Unlike other Google apps, the interface is not so intuitive.
  • Less free storage space comparatively.


The box is a cloud-based collaboration tool that has tight integration with several business applications. The tool is very easy to use and very fast while sharing. It is available on all smartphones and tablets with greater security.


  • Very beneficial: As the tool offers all must have features, it is low cost and tailored to meet small business requirements.
  • Provide greater service and integration.
  • The tool supports a vast range of devices.


  • The uploading file might seem very time-consuming.
  • Limited features in mobile apps.


All of three handy tools offer the business packages almost at the same cost. You can make one choice of free storage offered and give a try or you can oversee integration with other apps. There is no parameter left, by which the tools can be rated. Thus, it is categorized by the efforts you make in setting up. If you use windows platform within an office or mobile and storage is a problem, OneDrive could be very helpful. If you need remote access and share data online, Google Drive is for you. And if you are looking for a business-oriented tool that has good integration, Box can come up as the right choice.

You can find the detailed collaboration tools product reviews for OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box

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