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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Business Success And Grabbing Opportunity At The Time Of Crisis

The emergence of a global pandemic has led to massive changes in business activities across industries. Business routines, schedules, products, and services, as well as the expectations, have changed over the course of the past few months.

Small businesses have been facing challenges in deriving new opportunities and new business partners to take further projects and endeavors.

Small and medium business owners are too busy to making adjustments just to stay afloat. The struggling businesses are also too much shaken by the economic downtime as several small businesses, and business processes have come to an end.

Making the Best of the Crisis

The struggling economy and shrinking business activities have challenged businesses to a greater extent. In such times, it is appreciable for the companies that have made the right decisions and have made the best possible use of the crisis.

These companies have recognized the unique business moment and made the best use of the business to human connection, rather than exploiting any of their resources.

Nextiva Inspiring

Micah Solomon, one of the senior contributors at Forbes, Small Business Strategy, shares an inspiring story of Nextiva.

Nextiva is a business communications company in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company has joined hands with the Pac 12 organization, which was facing similar communication challenges in the new market space, which is much more distributed than last year.

Why Pac 12?

Most of the Nextiva employees are graduates from the Pac 12 institutions than all the other institutions combined together. Making them business partners is a morale booster for the entire team.

The headquarter of Nextiva is located minutes away from Arizona State University, which is easy to access for the company. Nextiva believes that such a time of crisis is an opportunity to support the communities where the employees have spent time working and growing.

Stepping in with the Pac 12 communication across the remote teams, Nextiva wants to advance its mission with the help of productivity tools to better manage partners, prospects, and vendors.

Opening New Opportunities

Masjedi, the CMO of Nextiva, is excited to serve the student and guide them to achieve higher goals in their career. Developing business partnerships will improve the way in which the Pac 12 connects with the member universities as well as other organizations.

Pac 12 faces some of the most common communication challenges which have emerged due to the COVID 19 outbreak. The partnership aims to resolve some communication challenges at the time of crisis.

Announcing the partnership was a mark of a small victory towards better business communication and growth at the time of crisis

Source – Forbes

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