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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Can COVID-19 Severity be Detected through Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Various researchers have developed different applications that, with the help of artificial intelligence and big data, can detect which patients are likely to have serious and severe COVID-19 cases. In the current scenario, US researchers, after understanding the circumstances and situation of frontline workers and doctors, have made such applications. Precisely, to help service providers detect which patients are most likely to have severe cases of COVID-19, McDevitt and his team took advantage of artificial intelligence and big data to produce COVID-19 severity scores. The severity score essentially expresses the attending clinician, the probability of mortality from the information that comes from these specific tasks.

How COVID-19 Severity Scores were Determined

They have utilized data from around 160 hospitalized patients in China. They have identified four biomarkers measured in blood tests that were suggestively preeminent in patients who died contrasted with those who recovered, including the C-reactive protein, myoglobin, procalcitonin, and cardiac troponin I. These biomarkers can indicate difficulties that are pertinent to COVID-19, such as poor cardiovascular health severe inflammation, and lower respiratory tract infection. The team has also built a model using the biomarkers as well as age and sex – two established risk factors. Using machine learning algorithms, researchers trained the model to determine patterns of COVID-19 and forecast its severity. When a patient’s biomarkers and risk factors are entered into the model, it produces a numerical COVID-19 severity score ranging from zero to 100. The overall purpose of the authenticated model and app is to support service providers with the data required to make conversant care decisions, prominent to better outcomes for patients.

The motive behind Severity Score Application

As explained by McDevitt, the real motivation behind this was to put actionable data into the hands of clinicians and assist them in making judgments on life-and-death decisions for their patients. He wanted to solidify that information in such a way that it reached and used much faster than the more typical time course of enrolling patients, watching symptoms evolve over multiple days, and looking at chest x-rays, biomarker profiles, and oxygen saturation levels. It is a series of different clinical metrics that become part of the information flow to the doctor, and clinicians can learn in real time how to deal with this disease.

Who can use the Application

Currently, the COVID-19 app can be used only with comprehensive laboratory tests and needs oversight by an authorized clinician. Eventually, the team expects to develop and gauge the capability to test a drop of blood for COVID-19 severity biomarkers, which is similar to how diabetic patients can control their blood sugar levels, McDevitt noted.

Specifically, the vision behind the app is that the service providers would eventually have a gadget that is as simple as a blood glucose measurement system. Notably, a glucometer that takes a drop of blood and shoots back a glucose value. With a tool similar to that, the patient themselves knows what to do if the value is above or below 100. There is an actionable thing to do based on that single number.

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