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Monday , June 24 2024

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Can IoT Save People From Covid-19

The world of IoT is habitually aimed at the visualization and big data of the things that our society uses to help an organization or industry to operate. Due to the outburst of COVID-19, various companies are trying their best to find a solution to save them from such an outbreak. Three companies are trying very hard to find solutions. WMW, a Belgian framework for IoT, Abeeway, a location intelligence solution provider for IoT, and Actility, the leading provider of Low-Power WAN networking solutions, are initiating several solutions to handle the Covid-19 pandemic at different stages, with the help of various geolocation technologies and low-power IoT networks. WMW is an adaptive registration dashboard with micro-modules, allowing to visualize data from IoT devices and get valuable insights. The WMW solutions take inputs from Abeeway devices processed by ThingPark Location Engine, the fused location provider platform of Actility. There are different solutions offered by these companies.


1.Private Proximity Registration.Companies who want to return to work demand solutions to protect their staff. The private proximity registration kit provides a private network and personal trackers to uphold a vibrant virtual geo-fence around an employee at the site level. As we will have to be careful for several more months to come and our employees are our most valuable assets, this solution helps to prevent and inform against proximity.

2. MySpaceMonitoring. Older adults that we would want to follow up a little closer can be in closer contact with their family or friends. Technologies and devices such as panic buttons, sensors that monitor movement, energy, and even doors, can be used in hospitals and rest homes, but also for people who live alone at home. This allows direct, but also indirect, irregularities to be reported, and timely action can be taken.

3. Quarantine Monitoring.People who are required to live in self-quarantine do not always follow the rules and sometimes try to go outside their restricted zone, posing a high risk of spreading the virus. Such a solution records the breach and informs about it.

WMW is not just an IoT Platform, however more specifically, technology and framework to build platforms. Thus, WMW has taken a step back to create greater flexibility and to allow them to build tailored applications entirely focused on the use case. On the other hand, Abeeway offers a complete low-power indoor and outdoor fused geolocation solution for the IoT that surpasses simple GPS. Through location intelligence, it enables efficient management of mobile and fixed assets, protecting and monitoring people. It provides organizations, industries, logistics companies, and the entire supply chain transparency and more effective processes.

These innovative solution can be used everywhere on different available public networks as well as private networks.

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