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Thursday , July 18 2024

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New Categories of Mobile Applications Emerged during the COVID- 19 Lockdown

The pandemic Coronavirus has forced many of us to stay inside our homes. We are spending a lot of time indoors then we have ever spent over the past. Thankfully, several mobile applications are helping to make our isolation worthwhile.

The technology domain has brought about different apps that have made our lives more productive. Some of them are mentioned below.

GPS Trackers  

GPS and vehicle security system is important as the snatchers and thieves are looking for every possible way to do their jobs. This is probably the primary reason why you need to have a GPS tracker for your belongings. The company Letstrack is one of the global leaders which provides a range of GPS trackers. Its products support App to App and App to Web hardware and software solutions. These products can be used in cars, bags, pets, and others.

Tracking COVID 19 Cases

Aarogya Setu is a government initiative application that is used to connect the people to the essential health services in the fight against the Coronavirus. The application helps a person to know whether they are at risk of COVID 19. It gives information to the people helping to fight against the disease.

Video Calling

As offices, schools, and colleagues have shifted to home, the video calling application, Zoom, has gained a lot of traction. The education sector is taking online classes and sessions, and the companies are conducting e meetings.

Tele Consultation

As technology is going mainstream in the healthcare industry, telemedicine is gaining popularity. People are now contacting their doctors over the call to take medical help. In this regard, a company Navia Life Care has proposed a teleconsultation service for its patients. The primary aim of this concept is to avoid the number of patients that visit the hospital for minor ailments or nonemergency cases.

Online Grocery

The lockdown period has shown some of the worst times to people. However, the never-ending need for groceries has shown a surge in online grocery applications. The mobile application, BigBasket, an online grocery start-up, has helped consumers all over the country by supplying food and groceries to their doorstep without the need to go out in public.

Online Food Delivery

With imposed restrictions on free movement, people have been ordering food online through mobile applications. In order to come up with the situation of not being able to visit favorite restaurants, people have been ordering their favorite meals to enjoy at their homes.

It is quite evident that technology gets never defeated, even in times of crisis. The above-mentioned articles state how technology has become an important part of our lives.

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