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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube – The US Social Media Giants Gain from Ban on Chinese Apps!

The Chinese apps got ban in India, especially the most used ones such as TikTok and Helo have become a windfall for US social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The average time daily spent by people on Instagram has been doubled (up to 2.3 times), and Facebook has also seen better days since the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps on 30th June 2020.

Fascinatingly, it is known that the time spent by Indians on gaming as well as social media platforms has not reduced acutely, which means they have jumped the ships and traveled to new platforms. This research says a lot about creating an impact on the minds of users concerning the use of a particular app or website.

The US Winning the Battle!

Given the information on digital behavior as well as the pattern of online users since there has been a ban on the Chinese apps, the Web Audience Measurement (WAM) panel revealed a piece of very interesting news so far. The news says that the social media platforms based in the US have potentially managed to have an upper-hand on the market share that they were formerly losing due to the stern growth of Chinese app such as TikTok in India.

As specified, the users of the Chinese apps were spreading like wildfire, every hour of every week across the nation. Given the widespread users, one would have assumed to expect a fall in the total time spent by people on social media and other apps. Conversely, the average downfall in time spent by users on the Chinese apps has only recorded as 6%, i.e., from 6 hrs 37 min to 6 hrs 15 min. The records clearly indicate that customers are merely switching to other social media apps, which are apparently popular already in the market, to spare the free time they usually used to spend on the alternative Chinese apps previously. The switch to rival platforms was much quicker than anticipated, as per the analysis conducted.

Immediate Gains

The gains were much more immediate for Facebook and Instagram as compared to other western apps. The average time spent daily on Facebook reached up to 40 min a day from 30 min, and Instagram saw an increase of 37 min as compared to 16 min earlier.

The analysis on the mentioned platforms says that, in all the US-based apps, the video platform, YouTube remains to be a dominant player, and instead made enormous profits out of the ban of Chinese apps in the Indian market. “Already the most popular video platform in the country, it saw a further 25% increase in time-spent which went from 57 minutes in a day to 70 minutes,” says the study.

The social media platforms from the US are anticipated to take a significant leap since competition from the Chinese apps is forsaken for good!

Source CreditsThe Economic Times

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