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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Product Review – Reviewsnap

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Reviewsnap offers an integrated suite of talent management solutions spanning performance reviews, compensation management, and learning management. The web-based solution allows businesses to streamline the performance management process of their employees with a 360-degree performance review system.

Users are automatically granted access to all applications in the Reviewsnap suite, rather than having to access them à la carte. A personalized dashboard allows employees to view their compensation, rewards, achievements, and engagements on a single screen. As a web-based performance management solution, Reviewsnap is accessible via any device with an Internet connection. The solution is suited for businesses of all sizes, across multiple industries, and provides customer service to client companies located anywhere in the world.

Editions and Pricing

The pricing range of the product depends upon the number of employees working on the platform. There are three pricing options available – Express, Standard, and Pro. You can request a demo to know more about the features incorporated within these plans.


(For fast reviews)

$3,496 per year / person


(Streamline your people and processes)

$3,933 per year / person


(Get customized solution)

$4,807 per year / person

·  Ready to Use Review Forms

·  Customizable Review Forms · SSO Integration


Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

 Online Performance Review

Fully automated, easy-to-use, and flexible tools, Reviewsnap’s online performance review software can help you enhance and optimize your performance management process. Meaningful and regular employee performance reviews and real-time feedback are the building blocks for relationship building and employee engagement—but they can be a challenge to implement. Reviewsnap’s performance review software removes much of the hassle and endless paperwork that employee performance reviews often require.

  • Automate the performance review process with e-signatures, automatic notifications, and unlimited job-specific templates.
  • Real-time feedback using comments, notes, and attached documentation.
  • Central location for performance review materials to streamline the appraisal process and ensure more accurate reviews.


360 – Degree Feedback

360-degree feedback is an essential component of a well-rounded performance appraisal process. Reviewsnap has the tools to facilitate both internal 360-degree input and feedback from external partners or customers. Request your customized demonstration today to learn more. Cloud-based 360-degree feedback software is a core component of an effective feedback process. Evaluate your employee performance reviews from every angle and ensure alignment with company culture.

  • Incorporate continuous feedback from an employee’s peers, managers, direct reports, and partners
  • Help keep your performance reviews on schedule with automatic notifications for all raters.
  • Due date and overdue alerts for employee performance reviews and feedback surveys
  • Complete survey admin control over the 360-degree feedback process


Performance Notes

Foster a performance dialog all year-long with performance notes. Track progress and build a repository of records to utilize during performance reviews. Request a demo today to learn more about Reviewsnap’s performance notes and much more.

  • Encourage Continuous Feedback
  • Capture Important Moments
  • Reference Entries
  • Facilitate a Feedback Culture




Make smart performance management decisions with Reviewsnap’s reporting feature. Rater Bias, Performance History, Rating Distribution, 9-Box Grid, and more! Request a live demo today to learn more.

  • Statistics Snapshot
  • Visual Reporting
  • Ad-Hoc Reports
  • Automatic Email Notifications

External Integrations

Reviewsnap platforms connect with not many platforms.

Mobile Accessibility

Reviewsnap is easily accessible on mobile devices. It runs smoothly on both iOS and Android devices.


The only way to connect with the Reviewsnap team is through the support tab given on its website. Send a ticket with your comments and wait for their reply.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent Software with useful features of automated notifications, multiple managers’ capability, etc.
  • B2B sales team/integration support is excellent
  • Author check is genius
  • Bulk edit feature saves a lot of time


  • Keep the staff notified and updated is difficult
  • Adding templates is a little tricky

Key Differentiator

Reviewsnap helps you to save personnel files in a single place making it really easy to use. You can personalize all reviews and keep all the records.

For more details about the product, visit the Reviewsnap website.

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