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Friday , May 24 2024

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Digital Transformation Trends in Healthcare

When it is about adopting latest technology, the healthcare industry is a bit behind other industries. However, there is a significant chance to witness noteworthy changes in the coming years, as many companies are adopting digital transformation for their functional aspects & for good business opportunities.

Today, healthcare industry is looking for methods to treat patients virtually, predict, and prevent diseases, increase the efficiency of the hospitals, and overcome the security and tech shortage issues. The following article will pull together technology trends in Healthcare that will shape the industry in 2020 and help sme’s a new business opportunities.

Telemedicine: By 2020, more insurers will be covering telemedicine as it becomes widely adopted. Similarly, more doctors are going to adopt this trend. Telemedicine exemplifies technology-driven healthcare. It has been the driving force in transmuting the US healthcare system. It had the transformative power that allowed thousands of people in remote areas to get medical aid they couldn’t access.

The Internet of Medical Things : According to a study, the market of wearable medical device is expected to reach more than $27 million by the year 2023. In 2020, there will be around 20-30 IoMT devices. The meeting of IoT and telemedicine brought about a variety of wearable devices and mobile apps used to track and prevent disease. IoMT spans a variety of smart devices such as ECG, EKG monitors, smart beds, connected inhaler and many others. In particular, IoMT lets doctors focus on prevention.

Big Data: One of the key emerging trends in the world is the data-driven medicine. According to a research, more than 4 trillion gigabytes of medical data is created every year. The forecasts say this number will double every two years. This data can be evaluated and turned into actionable insights with the help of predictive analysis. Also, through predictive analytics, doctors can get a feasible analysis of a patient’s expected health situation based on the information gleaned from the family record.

The Cloud: Cloud platforms increase collaboration between doctors and patients. With all the records stored in the cloud, there is no need to develop infrastructures and hire maintenance teams. The records in digital database are easy to access, making the process of consultation highly convenient. As virtual consultations rely on text-based and video-based communication, there is a need to deploy fast, secure and stable WAN connections.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence along with machine learning promise to bring a lot of value to the sector. They offer innovative ways to diagnose diseases, make treatment plans, prepare medical research, drug discovery and clinical trials, observe and predict epidemic outbreaks, escalate operational efficiency during the time of loads in hospitals. Ten years from now, AI-powered systems will be widely used in personalized medicine, and 5 years later, autonomous AI will begin replacing human doctors.

Blockchain: Blockchain solves the issues of probability, accessibility, and integrity of information. There is a risk to lose medical records and patient’s personal information from the database. However, the blockchain has the potential to challenge the current situation. Using a public-private key, a patient and healthcare workers can decide who is going to have access to their record.

These latest health technologies will remain the basis for digital transformation in the healthcare field. These trends stays on top and are ready to help you convert your business in an efficient manner.

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