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Sunday , July 14 2024

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How the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Is Affecting Small Businesses & Marketers

COVID-19 or coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization or WHO. An uncertain period with no boundaries or extension period for what no one has any answers, is a time like this called. Small business owners in the market have faced a large shift in terms of business growth and economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic have largely affected public health as well as the overall economy of nearly all the countries across the world. As per the data received by Google, “search interest in terms of coronavirus and its impact has increased by +260% internationally since the first week of February.” Traffic related to having a direct response of this pandemic have overflowed, while the causality of having spikes in search trends remains to be common.

Let us see how other companies are responding to COVID-19 and what steps you shall take to keep your business sailing!

How are Google and Facebook responding to COVID-19?

While Google is making it easier for people to know the actual facts about the COVID-19 pandemic with respect to vaccines, symptoms and other relevant information, it is also removing toxic content from websites and YouTube channels that are claiming to have a cure for the virus. It is further breaking all ads and blogs capitalizing the treatment of the same. Similarly Facebook have also blocked ads seeking the treatment and exploiting the situation.

Do you think the claims are going to change your perception? Well, the answer is NO! As long as you don’t use the messaging applications in ad copies making any claims for finding cure or treatment for this virus, then the changes made by Google and Facebook will have little to no impact over your paid accounts. Even if the analytical changes are not likely to impact your paid accounts, don’t think that the changes in market segment will not.

Here are some strategies for you that will prepare your accounts to adjust to changes accordingly: –

Review your accounts

Isn’t it human nature to stay on top? Yes, it is, and we understand why such tendencies are important for you to survive in this over competitive and globalized world. Staying on top of your competition will help you how to deal with the transforming markets and trends. Such changes can potentially impact your paid search as well as social accounts, starting from changing click and impression volumes to changing costs.

Senior Manager Mike Emilliani says that “You might as well check for drops in traffic – per click along with impressions, in terms of Google Analytics and ads.” The market is reflected by paid search, but it is not the market itself. You can take help from Facebook and Instagram for keeping an eye on the comments section and the monitor the streaming of ads on the said social media platforms. It is highly important to keep a track on your posts and comments as there are a number of fake information being spread online. Some comments also enforce negatives vibes by adding wrong information regarding the current pandemic because of which small business owners can lose potential customers.

Communicate Changes

You know what will keep your customers intact? Well, the answer is effective communication. Interaction and efficient connection with the customers makes it easier to develop a strong relationship with them. “All in all, it is important for advertisers to build trust among their audience with the help of proactive communication and interaction by sending them emails or clearly appearing right in front of their site” says Tyler.

Adjust Your Strategy

COVID-19 has brought a lot of direct and indirect changes in the market around the market and people’s lives. It is apparent that the more people are encouraged to wash their hands, the more are sanitizers, hand wipes, bleaches, etc. are out of stock. Other changes in work culture includes temporary changes in small and big organizations where employees are encouraged to work from home. Travel and tourism is mostly affected due to the same, and the government have officially banned hospitality industries to operate at the time of this pandemic. Where all of these changes are justifiably a lot harder to grasp and adjust to, it is important for small business owners and marketers to deploy certain strategies and brainstorm ways to adapt with the impending issue. A clear, concise, and accurate messaging techniques can indeed be a great way to survive a lot longer than anticipated.

Stay Put with the Monitoring Activities

COVID-19 has unluckily impacted the health and safety of communities across the world. So, in the midst of all of this, keeping communities safe must be the very first priority. Many, if not most, businesses are already feeling the effects of the virus, and staying up to date with information (such as with the CARES act) is key. Business and marketers have inevitably affected due the virus, and staying up to date with trends and changes is the key to survive in the highly globalised world.

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