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Friday , April 19 2024

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Salesforce Alternatives For 2021

Salesforce have become of the top and leading term in CRM and have grown to be the world’s largest CRM platform. Such a global scale also means that it can’t serve the unique needs of every business. Thus there is a wide market gap that needs to be filled that can cater to the specific needs of the business.

Salesforce saw a huge change in 2020 as the SaaS CRM announced another record quarter and dominated the tech headlines as well as the investment forums. The company did a lot of acquisitions in this year. However, several companies are looking for Salesforce alternatives.

Considering Salesforce Alternatives

The CRM space is full of several small and medium sized companies that are constantly thriving for business. While there are several of them that are thriving in the market, only a few of them pose a real competition to Salesforce.

Salesforce have gained the biggest name in the market and have developed a widest range of the features as well a set of integrations at a low price for its users. At the same time, the small businesses finds it difficult to understand, implement, and use its different features in their business. At the same time, the customer service for Salesforce is also poor as compared to some of the alternatives.

For these reasons, several small and medium sized businesses are moving towards alternatives of this platform. Here we have some of the top competitors of Salesforce that can be a better alternative for your business.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is one of the best application that fits in the processes of the small businesses. It offers almost all of the essential CRM features you need for your business. The application has one of the largest integration fields in the market at a low price.  The application is a major cost saver of the businesses that do not want to spend a large amount on a completely customized software deck. In addition, its online documentation is strong enough and helpful for the customers to immediately and easily install Zoho.

The pricing plans for Zoho are five and starts with a completely free option for up to three users. The small businesses can consider the Standard plan of $12 per month. They can also go for the Professional version which costs only $20 per month.

Oracle CRM On Demand

The tool might not be as good as Salesforce in the CRM domain, but this application is determined to capture as much business from Salesforce as it can possibly take. Oracle have also grown enough to acquire at least three major companies laying a greater focus of the industry solutions. Some of the key features of the application include customized integrations with the complete suit of the Oracle products. It also offers a robust analytics system, highly rated mobile applications, as well as a complete browser and cloud support.  The pricing plans of the system are customized as per the business specific needs.


Keap is one of the best CRM application for the ease of use. It handles automation with simplicity using a highly customizable design. The tool also offers full sales and marketing complements to its primary database. The tool’s key features includes the full automation packages such as sales, marketing, as well as the ecommerce options. Additionally, the detailed client portal offers options for the customers to complete the invoices instantly through their preferred banks and instant messaging alerts.

The tool offers three monthly subscriptions that require a base package at the cost of $30 per additional user. The tool offers a basic plan at the rate of $79. The pricing of the Pro and the Enterprise plan varies respectively.

Less Annoying CRM

It is one of the best and lowest costing CRM software and is consolidated into a single model. The tool is not that powerful as the other tools, its each feature is polished, integrated with the complete system, and is accessible to every paid user. The key feature of the tool is, its focus is on the tools the business will use in its everyday activities. Also, the integrations and live updates with the Google Calendar as well as the Mailchimp is handy to send daily agenda, reports, and reminders to all its users. The too, offers a single subscription plan which costs &15 per user each month.


SAP is one of the biggest international software company which is dealing in for the enterprise technology for about 50 years. SAP solutions rule in the international and some of the most prominent markets. The SAP Customer Experience cloud is gaining traction in the case of small and midsize businesses. SAP offers multiple clouds in its integrated network where each cloud kays its own focus including the Data Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, as well as the Service Cloud. Each of the service reaches its highest functionality when it is merged with its complete suit. The pricing plans of SAP are customized for each business needs. Businesses that are interested in the SAP cloud solutions can also sign up for a free trial.

Apart from the tools mentioned above, Salesforce is also facing competition from platforms such as Oracle Customer Experience and Microsoft Dynamics that are trying to move out of the enterprise only market and get a grip on the large and midsize companies.

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